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Guess how happy I am

Guess who just had their AC power adapter break after just getting back their repaired laptop?

*thumbs to me*


Motherfucker. So last night? I had my computer on, went to get some notes I'd shoved in my purse, get back and my laptop is dimmed, which means it's on battery power.

And I hear ths whine-click noise. Of course. It's my fucking adapter. Great. SO this is now the SECOND one that's gone belly-up, the first one kind of "tore," exposing all the wires, and I nearly had an electrical fire on my bed, which really, that's just one of my prouder moments.

Shit, shit, shit. I don't know how much battery power I have left (hence, am on desktop computer right now) and you know, my FUCKING FICS are on my goddamn harddrive. Of my laptop.

Son. Of. A. Fucking. Bitch.

So it's time to go to Best Buy, get very Annoyed at them, because I just had my computer repaired AND I send in the adapter with the rest, why the fuck is this happening?

I know what they'll say. They'll send it in to be repaired/replaced and I'll be without a laptop only I'll have in my room, mocking me. I'll have to see if there is ANY way to purchase an AC adapter that matches my laptop, because I can't deal with this. I seriously need a backup apparently.

I'm so fucking pissed right now. I've got a shitload of errands to run this morning and I'm going in the city this afternoon and MY LAPTOP. IS BROKEN. This is bullshit.
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