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(other places than sleep) where I'm a Viking

So I haven't gotten around to really posting about my thoughts on LJ (beyond that Six Apart/LJ is full of anti-win).

I don't know quite what to say because here's the thing: I have a demanding, stresstastic real life, especially The Job, and I use my livejournal/fandom as my escape. I don't get into drama because I simply am exhausted by the end of the day/weekend, I'm useless past the superficial gloss and all the painted makeup. (which is why I'm posting this post-shower so there's no makeup and only panties on? heh, that was unintended). So, here's my Deal on the matter.

My livejournal is paid up through the end of November. If, at that point, the Exodus Party has found the land of bread and honey, I'll be there, kicking back, getting drunk, and writing fic of an adult nature. Currently I have an insanejournal, greatestjournal, and journalfen account all set up under my lj name, because it is my fannish name and I could not be myself anywhere else. I've used it since I was seventeen years old and written fic under it since I was 18 (I waited to be legal to write fic? WTF?).

The Greatest Reg

The Insane Reg

The Fentastic Reg

I have a lot of regret at the thought of leaving lj, it's my home, you know? My internet-home and I just had the place decorated by way of hiring graphic sex goddess ignited and I don't want to move! See, I'm kind of immature about this, I know, it's just, my home, since I've been 19. I grew up here, I became a not-sucktastic writer here. And ultimately I am a homebody.

But I'm also a Viking. I used the term when explaining why I wanted to do the big HP Midnight Madness thing even though I had no real desire to jump back into the fandom at all, it's because I believe that if you love something and it's time for the end, you do it big and loud, Viking-funeral style. Big ass celebration, everyone gets wasted and you SET THINGS ON FIRE. You celebrate the end.

So I'm going to celebrate by continuing to be here. I'm going to write and post fic here. Once my laptop is functioning, I'll do backups, I'll see where I shall next be off to, if everyone decides to vacate lj, but you know, home, it's a big deal for me.

I'm here with the last of ya.
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