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Fic: Instincts (SPN, NC-17, girl!Sam/Dean)

Author: Regala Electra
Pairing: girl!Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Set after and an AU of All Hell Breaks Loose
Warnings: Sexual content, DARK
Word Count: 400
Summary: Such a good boy.
Author's Notes: Written last night as vinylroad and ignited caused mayhem in this post, slight revision for coherency's sake.


Better that she doesn't look like Mom, not at all, the way her eyes slant when she's concentrating, there's only a handful of pictures left of their mother and Dean looks more like her, fucked up, but true. He's burnt out, ash the only taste left in his mouth, just ash, death and a final kiss from a Crossroads Demon, one year left and then -

Ignore it. Can’t: You think your precious Sammy was brought back right as rain? That Yellow-Eyed Demon, fucking bastard, he's dead.

Barbed wire woulda been more comfortable, peeling leather digging into his wrists. Sam, naked, body bruised (but there's no knife wound to her back, nothing there but a shadow, that's it), kneeling over Dean, no-nonsense hair barely brushing her shoulders as she bends down to check that there's no way of escape.

"Such a good brother," Sam says, traces a line of bruises down her ribs, not broken, they'd checked that, but come the morning and the only thing that'll keep her functioning are pills. Their tolerance is getting too high, have to find a new stash to stock up on, something stronger. Don't have to worry about side-effects.

"My life for yours. A year. You're such a good boy, Dean," Sam hisses, rubbing wet over Dean's dick, holds him, stills him, then spikes herself down. Cries out, hollow, ragged, another kind of pain. "You're a good boy, right?"

He'd say it but she's taken the liberty of gagging him.

"Wanna make sure it's okay now, don't you? Make me come, make me better, fix me, keep me from leaving. Won't leave."

She nearly lets his dick slip out of her, holds the position, thigh muscles trembling. Something that can't be, but is, hate, glinting in her eyes. Slams back down, waits until his eyes focus, see all of her.

"You make Mommy so proud."

He sees Sam rubbing herself off, rocking on his dick, and it, can't, noise muffled, he comes.

"That's right," Sam waits a moment before she lets his softening dick slip out of her. Pulls off his condom, rubs the sticky mess on her palm and rolls it over Dean's chest. "You came for Mommy. You're my good boy, Dean. Gonna eat me out now and you won't say any other word but what I tell you. Understand?"

Releases him and he swallows thickly, deserves this, whispers sadly, "Yes Mommy."

Tags: fic, spn fic, wincest, winsister
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