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Jared Padalecki to you, good sir!

I had an ignited for a weekend. It was lovely. I made pizza for lunch and cooked up pasteles for dinner and um, we wrote a fic NO ONE WILL EVER READ.

Still, I'm insanely proud of what this story's going to be. It's pure madness, but ah, fantasy free me, it's fucking awesome crazypants.

Yes, I TOTALLY spazzed over The Rocky Horror Picture Show as we watched it for um, research purposes. I'm quite happy with what we have for our reel_spn story, really, I'm GIDDY over what we're gonna do to the Winchester boys, but I have little doubt of it being something that folks will read because it's just insane crackfic. Crossdressing, m/m slash like WHOA, insanely wincesty even with a dash of incidental het and um, we are making the boys sing. SINGING.

With Bobby as the Narrator-type character interjecting between all the madness.

I don't know man. I do know that Stef is brilliant and awesome and it's crazy-making how she's all "this isn't good" and then writes something that KNOCKS my socks off. She's so fucking awesome I could bake her a pie.

And I hate baking.

She even managed to write while I kept on dancing around her, singing about how Sam needs to come thinking about Deeeean and other insane little ditties. Ooh, and the best way to make Stef smile is to say "Jared Padalecki" which is what I said to her as I dropped her off at the station yesterday, instead of saying goodbye.

"Jared Padalecki, y'all!" It should catch on.

I said Jared Padalecki more than I have in my entire lifetime this weekend.

While we were writing our dirty, dirty porn, discussing which songs to include in our fic (we're keeping in Creature of the Night! And making Sam sing almost all the girl lines), we also took breaks and watched other things. Such as the last three episodes of Flight of the Conchords as Stef was only up to the Bowie episode (which means that Stef did not see last night's episode WHICH WAS SO FUCKING GOOD. I have to make a separate post about it).

Um, and I attempted to watch Hot Fuzz with Stef but totally passed out as some point (earlish), which gave her enough time to tool around in the internets with that whore vinylroad.

Who I finally got to speak with yesterday! Um, last night, so it was kinda today-ish as it was past midnight. Calling me during the witching hour. Aww.

She is so Canadian. She says aboot. I was greatly pleased by this. Ignore that I have a strong NY accent and amused her with my fast-talking cussin' ways. And KAT says EFFING instead of fucking. Aww. Then I say things like "Dean fucking Sam up the ass" and really, I should be the narrator of a kid's show, I'm such a goddamn lady.

Also, apparently me writing Dean telling someone to "sit on his face" is incredibly dirty and shall always be associated with any reference to "oral."

I am filled with giddy joy right now. I have seen the light and they are RHPS manips of Dean and Sam in corsets.

Jared Padalecki!
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