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I was a taller girl too, once.

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jared padalecki school of acting

Jared can't go anywhere without wearing a hat, can he? It's adorkable.

So, I tried to watch Jared's screen test, which has been uploaded to youtube and I actually had to stop, not because I didn't like what Jared was doing, actually I was blown away by how very much Sam-like he was right from the start, but because of the casting director's lines...as Dean.

OH MY GOD. The original stuff they wrote for Dean. Dean would have been a huuuuuge asshole, guys. Like, I stopped because I was just freaked out by the kind of stuff Dean was saying. Yikes.

Maybe I'll try to watch this later tongiht. But for now? Dear god. I'm amazed that Jensen Ackles figured out that Dean Winchester could be more than King Asshole.

Um, Jared you are hot and YOU WERE SO SAM. *full of pride*
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