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August Fic Round Up, Hook 'Em Porn

Hallo people who have recently friended me. My brain is a little fried and I am rather dizzy as I have just seen the first two episodes of Friday Night Lights and I didn't realize that the camera work was, uh, well, I am dizzy, the end.

Because this is the last day of the month and I must do this if only to remind myself that I don't have to be worried about being a little blocked, I give you my August Fic Round Up.

There is a lot of het here, which is vinylroad's fault. Um, and some awesome crack, which is the fault of ignited. Okay, and I'm to blame as well. I LOVE CRACK.

This has been a month of porn.


The Lone Star Kimono

This is actually Gen and PG-13. Because it was posted on August 1st before I put on my dancing shoes and did the porn salsa. It was actually written for the spn_50states challenge. I had Texas and I had a plotbunny, carefully saved, about Dean putting on a cursed robe/kimono and being forced to dance.

Yeah, this is because of Jensen Ackles's random kimono dance in the Blonde miniseries. There are some, um, Wincest elements, as far as the narrator of the story constantly implying about the relationship between Dean and Sam.

Also, Sam's pants get set on fire and he has to spend much of the story in tighty-whities. Dean is naked in a kimono.

I see no wrong in this kind of crackfic.

the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker Part 1/3

I told vinylroad that I wanted to write het and blame her for this. This is her fault TOTALLY. So what if my Dean is very oral and into dirtytalking? Dean/OFC, NC-17. I enjoyed writing this line: “Fuck, you sit hard enough so I don’t breathe, you hear me?”

Heh, if you know what that's referring to, well, I love that you have a dirty mind as well.

whores in space

Dean/girl!Sam, NC-17 and it's kind of a Farscape Crossover. It's crazy and it's ignited's fault. Winsister/Wincest. Man.

the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker 2/3

Again, vinylroad's fault. Sam/OFC, NC-17. It's also youngish Sam, at 16, his life ahead of him, and god, Sam's not easy for me to write, I struggle with his POV. Yet I managed to get this done and make Sam do a little dirty talking on his own. Plus, sex in a kitchen. I see no wrong. “Can you, um, move your legs a little wider? Just, please, I want, you’re so wet, and I...” OH Sammy. Future kinkmaster hotass.

Catch a Falling Star

NC-17, Sam/Dean. It's based off of the Stardust movie, in response to my lovely ignited writing The Prettiest Star. Sam and Dean have sex on a cloud. Bobby is a Pirate King. Again, do I see wrong in this? No I don't.


girl!Sam/Dean. NC-17. Freaking dark as hell, a coda to All Hell Breaks Loose. I wrote it in the middle of the night and man, it's...messed up. Better that she doesn't look like Mom, not at all, the way her eyes slant when she's concentrating, there's only a handful of pictures left of their mother and Dean looks more like her, fucked up, but true.

Supernatural, Double Feature (The Winchester Horror Picture Show)

I LOVE THIS STORY so hard. ignited and I wrote this for the reel_spn ficathon and she made all the astounding art to accompany the story. We wrote it fueled on crack and repeat viewings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

It's still so fresh in my mind that I'd blather on forever about it, so suffice it to say, it's Wincest, NC-17, has Sam/Frank-N-Furter, Dean/Frank-N-Furter, and Sam/Columbia. And we used several of the songs from RHPS and made the boys sing. And um, put on corsets, fishnets, and makeup. *cough*

When SPN S3 starts, I'll go back to writing normal stuff, I'm sure, but right now, it is Crack & Porn time.
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