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ficlet: gonna let loose (Dean/OFC, NC-17)

gonna let loose
NC-17, Dean/OFC
Author's Notes: Comment porn for serious poll on a certain sex act. My original reponse posted here.

"Fucking hell, you're working me into something fierce," he pants, sucking at her titties as he rubs her panties through, slick wet making it all too easy.

Kneeling in front of her bed, wants to feel every damn inch of her skin, sunburst tan, hot, summer-colored. Second she gets his pants undone, instead of going to his dick, which, hey, that's what he's expecting, she just cups those pretty titties, nipples gone hard, sucked into points, his work, proud as hell and she says, plain as anything, "I want you to fuck my tits."

Blinks, stares at her full and wide, wonders if he walked into a porno and no one told him, but they're real, heavy, weight dipping and hell, ain't no reason to say no. Says to her, "You want me to come all over your tits, gonna let loose, get your skin all wet."

"Doing a lot of talking, not much doing," she says, forcing herself to spit out the words, shuddering when he circles her clit, pulling the elastic of her panties, almost about to sink his finger inside. Swirls out, likes that she groans in disappointment.

"You hold 'em high," he says, pushes his pants down and off. "Fuckin' gorgeous."

Nestles his dick in-between, gasps when she pushes her tits together, sweat of her skin slick, but nothing at all like, well, there's some mighty friction, tries to shift his hips up, but she shakes her head.

Says, "let me do it," and by god, she does.

Tags: dean/ofc, fic, spn fic
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