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porn in space

This is ignited's fault and also sloane_m's fault for bringing up the prompt in Stef's lj, but um, I have a plotbunny that I may need to squash...or I'm going to write some dirty Dean/Sam/Aeryn porn.

You see, I wrote this crazy story whores in space, where Dean and Sam are gender-bending space hookers who like to fuck for an audience and kinda sorta have a drug addiction. And they're travelling all over the UT, which is where the Farscape crew is...what are they chances that they'd run into Aeryn?

That they'd all fuck themselves silly?

I may need to be stopped one day. I'm not sure if today is that day.

So I give you...a POLL of PORN.

Poll #1050224 Porn in Space

Sam/Dean/Aeryn threesome sex, yay or nay?

...wait, are Sam and Dean genderbending whores? Cuz YAY
...genderbending whores?
does Aeryn DOM their asses? Cuz...YAY
I am going to be lame and say nay because I am LAME

Here is what I wrote to ignited already:

The first thing she tells him is to stop saying Ma'am, which is the thing he forgets the second she unzips her leather vest (say it with him: she's wearing a leather vest and that's all).

"Holy hell...ma'am," Dean says, like he's being respectful.

"You were told not to talk, I believe," she says, unzipping her pants, tossing the vest so it hits him square in the face.


OH, the things Aeryn would do to those two. The THINGS.

I leave it to fate my flist to decide.
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