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I was a taller girl too, once.

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please know that I am happy in my boyshorts

Am craving pineapples for some reason. Can't quite figure out why.

Before I go into major rec-mode, let me tell you that the Supernatural S3 episode stills that were released have gotten me all giddy. Here is the glory of the Boys. I don't think they're spoilerish at all, but still, EEEE! Boys!

Today I was given the gift of Jelly Belly jellybeans and was a good girl and didn't eat any of them.

Also, I bought Fresca today as I ran out this morning. Dude. I must have my Fresca, it is life-giving to me. Especially when I come home from the gym and need something other than water. Blessed water.

I'm gonna sleep GOOD tonight.

Okay, so you all know ignited right? She's my soulmate favorite person EVAH. My Stefackles. So, she, the silly woman that she is, opened a fic prompt on her lj and of course I jump in and ramble and then pester her on AIM about my Idea and then she writes the story and it is fucking amazing. Meanwhile, she downplays it, all "it's not good" and "I don't write porn."

Shee-yeah, dude.

Feel Your Taste. Jared/Jensen, NC-17.

Stef wrote me J2 porn and GOOD LORD, it is hot. Something for everyone in this here story, but best of all, 'cause it's for me, it's FOOD PORN. Jensen covered in food and uh, Jared getting smeared in it as well. CHOCOLATE. And um, pineapples.

Dude, pineapples are v. v. good.

Also, Jensen in glasses. I repeat, Jensen in glasses. And boxers. And Jared uh, hoarding chocolate. It is the BEST THING EVER.

I went to go pull a quote from it, but it's so deliciously porny that I couldn't pick one! Oh my Stef. I love her so.
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