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Makeover, Makeover, Makeover, Makeoever, Makeover, Makeover, MAKE-OV-ER!

I feel like making a very girly post today all about makeup. Maybe because I am considering changing up some things and I want Opinions.

So, welcome to my slumber party. You can party in my pants on my bed.

Currently, I am battling against a stress breakout. Now, I dodged a major bullet and never had acne as a teen, now at 24, I am getting this annoying breakout, but it is only in a small part of my face, above my chin/the area below my bottom lip.

My normal facial cleansers was just Sea Breeze astringent (or CO Bigelow Witch Hazel) and man, I have had a massive oil outbreak since the summer, it's just GROSS. I did the green clay thing but it didn't help much.

Now I've buckled down and picked up an oil absorbing clay cleanser and a purifying cleanser mask. Man. what a difference. I look almost normal again. It's really weird to me to use a lot of facial stuff because I was fortunate enough to not "need" it during those experimental years - the teenage years - so now I'm at a loss.

Seriously, I have no idea how people wear like, foundation and blush. That is because 1) I'm so damn pale that the lightest available shade is usually ten shades darker than my skin and 2) thanks to paleness/Irish genes, I have a natural red blush to my cheeks.

So ladypeople, what are your makeover habits? Me, I'm a mascara junkie, currently I have a System that involves 3 different Maybelline brands: the Volume, Define-a-Lash, and Sky-High Curves. All in Very Black of course.

But I'm currently unhappy with my eyeshadow. I think it's time for a change, what brands do you love? Mind, I don't really care for L'Oreal, Maybelline, OR CoverGirl.

Man, I think I need to drag someone with me to Sephora and have a real MAKE-OVER. Only not, because, as I learned at my coworker/friend's Mary Kay party, I don't like people putting makeup on me. Nor do I like taking off my makeup in public.

Also, because it is the fall almost, I think I should change up the lipstick, so what colors do you adore?

This post is brought to you by my vanity.
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