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I was a taller girl too, once.

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oral? totally a god-given right

Yes, thank to last night's poll, I have a new title for my lj: oral is moral.

We'll see how long this one sticks. Heh.

Okay, everyone who hasn't seen the awesome makeup slumber party post of joy, you simply must trot over to Makeover, Makeover, Makeover, Makeoever, Makeover, Makeover, MAKE-OV-ER!. Obviously, I quoted the awesome Clone High song of the same name and uh, lyrics.

There's some fantastic advice in there and I am going to be hitting a Sephora real soon to test some of the brands recced by my lovelies. The mineral makeup seems to be most fascinating and there were a lot of yays for MAC.

Welcome to my lj, where I will make sure EVERYONE is wearing makeup.

Oh, wait, I also had an announcement-type thing to make, so um, here goes.

Sweet Charity

I signed up for Sweet Charity I honestly doubt anyone's actually going to bid on me, I'm so nervous about it, but, um I did it.

Now I'm going to...write porn or something.

As you were.
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