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Friday Night Lights

...I need at least one FNL icon. Can anyone point me to some good icon makers or icon communities?

My sister Johnny (as she will continue to be called as she has so grown out of being called the Cuppy, she's 12 years old, it is time now for me to use the name I actually call her - really, I call her Johnny and she answers to it) is now kind of hooked on Friday Night Lights.

She's so cute sometimes. We're currently in the midst of the Voodoo storyline (the episode with the pointless Tyra-and-the-skeezy-oil-guy story).

She said the following of Lyla: "I hope she becomes goth and starts cutting herself."

On one hand: Hee.

And on the other: Shit, I hope she hasn't been cruising the internet and found ff.net yet.

Yeah, so she isn't a fan of Lyla either.

I still am all about drawing hearts all over Matt Saracen.

Dammit, I really need to go the supermarket and pick up stuff to make chocolate chip cookies. I bribed one of my coworkers and must bring him cookies to do something for me lest I again appear a flake to a person who I've had to reschedule FIVE TIMES because my boss keeps on sending me last-minute emails saying how he simply "can't" meet with the person even after I've confirmed with the Bossman. So now, my coworker is going to be in the meeting and fuck, I am bring in a bribe tomorrow.
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