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Snow. Frelling snow. *Cold* snow. And other rambling.

If you haven't posted a rec of some of your work, I implore you do so. *pouts* I'll be ever so good and give feedback and built a shrine and everything.

Major hugs go out to torchthisnow, dawnydiesel, and nariya. You're all wonderful women in your many different, special ways.

So. Snow. I'm not a fan of it. I had to do some shoveling yesterday and it was still snowing a bit. At one point the snow I had shoveled off to the side was caught in a burst of wind and hit me back in the face. In the mouth specifically. I actually said "ouch" aloud. Who actually says "ouch"?

I have a final paper due on Tuesday. It doesn't feel like this semester is ending. It's weird.

Random fact: I, in all my twenty years on this wacky planet, have never had a tamale. I just had my first one today. Now, I know that sounds odd, Hispanic girl never had a tamale in her life, but my family (Puerto Rican origin) simply didn't make them while I was growing up. And my dad doesn't like them. Plus we eat pasteles.

Mmm. Pasteles. My mom's taken care to write down my grandma's recipe and we're making them next weekend. It's a big project and we'll make probably over 100. And for those who don't know, a pastele is pretty much exactly like a tamale.

Only our masa (dough) is comprised of unripe banana (therefore it's not sweet, in fact you have to basically buy the greenest bananas in order for there not to be any hint of sweetness) instead of being made of corn. And we wrap them in banana leaves instead of corn husks.

Now, as many think, making a mostly banana food sounds gross since it isn't supposed to be sweet. And the look of it is well, not that great. I didn't like them when I was little because they were so odd looking. But oh, they're really, really good. If you make them blind, that's only making it with the masa, but we put in cooked pork (I never eat pork except when prepared as Spanish pork or in pasteles) and homemade sofrito, which is a simple base of basic veggies.

They're boiled for, oh, forever, and unwrapped from the banana packages (you hav to do them tight or water will get in, which is a world of no), and then they're ready and mmm. We made them last year in our cramped kitchen and sent 40 out to my aunts and grandma, keeping sixty for ourselves, as they're perfect for freezing. They all loved them, of course, because it's a delicous, delicous food.

I did not intend to post a story about pasteles. I apologize.

Instead I'll speak of a few things on the fic front. I finally finished the complete rewrite of Absence of Solace. It's Buffy/Wesley, NC-17, dark, and depressing. And I kill off a couple of characters and Angel's insane and Buffy's promised that she'll kill Angel. And she fucks Wesley. I'll be posting it after I upload the final edit of Betrayer to the BFA.

And...hold onto your hats...I'm writing an X-Men fic. Based on several lines in T.S Eliot's The Waste Land. A story about Rogue and an unintended journey and her own personal Sibyl, and some Rogue/Bobby and Wolverine/Rogue lovin' on the side. I am a sick, sick puppy. Somebody stop me.

I blame the snow.

The Wizard of Oz is on! Oh god, I'm such a dork. I'm singing along to it. The house began to pitch...
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