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L'Shanah Tovah. To all those who celebrate, I wish you a Happy New Year.

I got a disappointing email about a possible job oppportunity and I'm suprisingly not bummed about it. Well, I'm not pleased about it, and I am MAJORLY pissed off at my bosses today for basically taking a month-long project I busted my ass on and summing it off as "oh, it's something we had a couple of interns do" but I'm not upset. I will continue to work at my current job because I need it and the experience is worth it. Keep on underpaying me, Bosses, because I know I am a goddamn awesome professional and one day, I'm going to be working at some place that'll be willing to pay me a more than barely-living wage.

It's cool now. I really don't want to put this under a f-lock, so I'm going to keep it vague. Poor elrina753 heard enough of my whinecakes.

You guys, I'm really quite good at my job. You should know that. For someone who went into a professional field that I barely knew anything about, I've really rocked the hell out. I'm one hell of a fucking P.A.

(I am not a P.A. but it is very apropos to my situation sometimes.)

Now I'm chilling, watching Top Chef, too lazy to steal the dvd player from the living room and hook it up in my bedroom. I really do want to watch my shiny SPN S2 eps. MY DVDS. The simple pleasures that keep me happy.

Also a promise of joy? The upcoming weekend, where there are Plans of hanging with ignited, raelala, and vorpal_pen and seeing Across the Universe. Stef's going to bruise me. She's a GRABBER when movie-watching. I love it.

Um, and winchestercon is less than a month away. OH MY YAY. I can't wait. I am going to L.A. I am going to try to contact my uncles and will likely NOT see them at all, which is whatever, but um, my uncle/godfather owns a car shop so y'all know I'm gonna ask him if perchance he's working on any classic Chevys, round about the '60s era. And he'll be like, "Why do you want to look at cars?"

Me: "I'm just looking for a Metallicar in the wild."

You know, some days, I'm seriously considering marking my calendar with days when there are local auto shows. I will see a '67 Chevy Impala in person one day. And I'll make sure to have measuring tape on hand to see how likely it is for a 6'1" and 6'5" (or 15" tall) guys to...ahem. In the backseat no less.

Now that the Daily Show is on, I'm going to wander off. But man, I SO need to get an idea of who's going to WinCon on my flist. So that I may admire them in person. :-)

OH man, the alcohol I will be drinking that weekend.

As I said to elrina753, I only started drinking after I started working at my current job. But socially as I am a cheap date and get wasted on...not that much booze. Heh.
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