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You know a weekend is good when at some point over the course of the weekend, someone's stared at your boobs, you've seen some searingly hot onscreen hoyay, alcohol is ingested and there is no deadly hangover aftereffects, there is a watching of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and you wind up coming home with books that cost only a $1 a piece.

Yeah, fine, I'm a dork.

Also raelala got a tattoo and is so cute. And vorpal_pen's tattoo is flippin' awesome.

Um, and ignited remains a total whoreface.

I had only planned to hang out Friday and some of Saturday, but I wound up staying over an extra night so I am so glad that I'm an overpacker by nature and had an extra outfit. I mean, I bought new pants on the way there, as I had time before the train came in and went to the mall. Yes, let's go to the mall!/Robin Sparkles.

Anyway, new pants are cute and comfy and a medium wtf. I don't know how that happened.

Yeah, so on Friday we saw Across the Universe and I think if you're high when watching it, it'll be the best movie ever. So Bono kind of stole the show. Like, I think Bono should be in every movie ever as the character he plays in Across the Universe.

I had no idea that Eddie Izzard was in the movie so that was a welcome surprise.

A lot of the songs were used very well or in surprising ways but I think the character of Prudence was really was mishandled. Okay, we have a lesbian cheerleader who dates a contortionist at one point. That clearly, should be awesome, right? Yeah, um, during her first big song, everyone in the theater burst into laughter for good reason. The slow-mo ballet of football guys behind her while she sang I Wanna Hold Your Hand was not well done.

The problem was that there isn't really a plot to the story and the connection of the characters is kinda really thin. Also, once Jude meets Max, it's super-hard to be rooting for Jude/Lucy because Matt and Jude love each other SO MUCH. Max sings Hey Jude to him, for christ's sake.

By the way, the actor who plays Max? Looked a hell of a lot like...a Guy I went out with. So that was a nice mindfuck.

In conclusion, Salma as a sexy nurse during Happiness is a Warm Gun. Hi, Salma!

Yeah, I am not a good movie reviewer.

Because Stef's a whoreface, she left early on Saturday and we could not convince her to come back to us late Saturday night to go see a midnight showing of RHPS, so we watched it on the TV. And sang along. And um, I may have writhed on the floor at some point.

Vodka/cranberry juice is a powerful mistress.

But that was Saturday NIGHT, during the day, we traveled around the lower east village, had a late brunch at Cafe Orlin that was very tasty, went to the tattoo parlor, and hit up Forbidden Planet and the Strand. I got out easy at the Strand, I only picked up three new books, one of which is a replacement - I have the paperback copy of Lemony Snicket's Unauthorized Autobiography and it's not in good condition, the Strand had a mint condition hardcover copy WITH THE REVERSEABLE cover. Yay. And it was a dollar.

Rae also let me borrow her copy of I Am Legend and we (including vorpal_pen all revealed our secret Will Smith love. I'm hoping the movie is good. Finished the book and yeah, that was a real good read.

Now I am marathoning SPN S2 with my mother, who has just seen Jared Padalecki's insanely ripped body in Heart and it is Hollywood Babylon time.

Oh dork Dean. You are the best P.A. ever.
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