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Weird dream last night. I dreamt about the sequel to Pirates of the Carribean. (One of the odd things about how I dream: I usually dream in full out movies, fleshed out plots and I once dreamt an opening sequence with titles.)

For some reason Jack Sparrow was running around as a dapper, well-dressed fellow in 18th century garb and wore bright white fake teeth over his gold teeth. Of course, he was only pretending for...some insane reason and then went back to his wonderful Captain Jack ways.

And then he and Norrington made out. *Blinks* I have no idea where that came from. Though Captain Sparrow is a bit flirty with every person in POTC, I've never really slashed him. My mind scares me.

Chipping away at X-Men fic, the scenes are fleshing out quite nicely.

Tomorrow I'll be at a paper workshop that my club is hosting. To show my creds as the eternal geek, it's the English Club called School of Night. Hopefully we'll have a nice number of people showing up and hopefully I can get off my ass and work on my papers. I have three to write, one due on Monday, the other two on Tuesday. And I sorta got nothin'.

Blegh. I hate this end of the semester feeling.
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