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the best part was the cow-horse

Man, I had an awesome time at the old time fair (it's based on an 1860s style county fair). I'm not even joking, even though they no longer sell root beer at the restoration, wtf.

And! There was no apple cider to had. There were overpriced funnel cakes, which I skipped in favor of indulging myself with an Old Time Dunkin Donut. Mmm, ye old Bavarian Creme.

There were horses and people in costume (ooh, and there were Rough Riders and whatnot, this is a Union state), and an old time baseball game played without gloves.

And there was also some carnival rides, which was new. My sister Johnny and her friend went on the Ferris Wheel and I laughed my ass off when they realized that a Ferris Wheel ride is a LONG time.

Now I need to finish packing, charge my iPod and with a quick shower, I'm off to hang with mah bitches as we're all set see a midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Yeah, it was already decided that this was the best day ever when I woke up and my knee was fine AND Galaxy Quest was on this morning. I love that freaking movie. "Maybe you're the plucky comic relief! Did you ever think of that?"

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