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September Fic Round Up

I think I may have spent a great deal of time this month getting Dean Winchester laid.

You know, I swear to god, I love writing gen. So why was there NO GEN? Um, maybe I'll be inspired by SPN's S3 opener.

(I will probably also be inspired to write porn because Sam and Dean Winchester are sexxors.)

This was the fic this month:

gonna let loose

Dean/OFC, NC-17, ficlet of shameless porn of a certain sex act, saved from the crazy comment thread goings-on at kashmir1's lj. Let me be ashamed enough to lj cut what sex act I'm talking about: titty fucking!


Sam/Dean, NC-17. 1,100 words. ignited created this astounding manip of Dean against a wall with Born Under a Bad Sign Sam up against him and I DIED and my brain was set on fire and I wrote this story to show her my love forever. Also, because WALLSEX. Hotness, yes please.

And later Stef makes an icon of the manip incorporating some of my text and I am astounded by how awesome she is.

the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker 3/3

Dean/Sam/OFC, NC-17. 6,800 words. Yeah, so I um, should have finished this a while back but it's done, done, DONE. I really liked writing Elle a lot, despite major problems in finishing this story, a lot of which were my own damn fault. I sort of over-extended myself and challenged myself to write this specific act that I knew was going to be really, really tricky to pull off. But once I got the boys to banter DURING sex? That fixed a lot of my problems.

Also, you know, it's about saving Dean's soul with sex as a bonus. That always helps.

three maids in a tub

R, Reference to Dean/OFC, Sam/OFC, Dean/OFC/Sam, OFC/OFC. 1,215 words. I couldn't let the women from the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker go. Sort of future/present day snippets from my OFCs lives.

next stop, dinner theater

Sam/Dean, NC-17. 910 words. I enjoy bothering ignited sometimes and I was comment-porning at her and she had the gall to LEAVE in the middle of this. Then she told me it was because it was her mom's birthday. I should have seriously dedicated this to Stef's mother.

bruise you (use you)

Dean/OFC, NC-17. 1,750 words. Comment porn for vinylroad because I love Kat something fierce and was like, "so you want spanking?" And I gave her spanking with a whole LOT MORE.

hook, line, and sinker

Dean/OFC, NC-17. 7,060 words. A love story not about Dean or the OFC but about a childhood spent growing up in boating culture. There's a lot of my own experiences mined for story purposes in this fic and I really loved writing the character voice of Vic, she's delightfully rambly and so a one night stand kind of fling for Dean, really fitting for him after All Hell Breaks Loose. "Say you got a year to live."

I wanted to do as much honest world building as I could while also having a deliberate backstory of a sea monster in the water. I had sent a piece of this to vinylroad ages ago and kept on saying how I needed to finish it, it's such a summer story to be honest with you that I almost feel guilty about posting it in September, but it's one of those stories where if I didn't finish it, it would never be posted.

Also, I wrote two different sex scenes of Dean having sex on boats. I enjoyed that greatly.


Seven stories chock full of smut. Holy crap. Also, my Random Capitalization of fic titles is a Little puzzling. Huh.

In conclusion, I am very agreeable to writing porn when it involves Winchesters and I am insane.
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