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wherein I am of two conflicting natures

Okay, FUCK. You see? About the S3 opener of SPN being available on iTunes?

It's AWESOME. But I'm trying to finish a fic tonight. Dean porn, to be exact. That requires that I don't watch SPN. Because I have this theory. A theory of fic writing. I've been on a bit of a tear. One that involves me not watching SPN nonstop.

Because the moment I watch SPN, I may or may not take a mini-vacation from the fic writing. I never know. So, SHIT. I am like, SO FUCKED.

Please tell me to continue writing. It's a five things story about Dean and sex. Sex with Sam, women, and a demon. Um, and Deanself. IT IS PORN TO THE MAX. Please say that you are interested in reading because the story will DIE if I don't get it out today.

*throws hands in the air.*
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