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I was a taller girl too, once.

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one day I'll put the shirt on instead of just covering my chest

WINCON. So close I can taste it. Mmm ,it takes of booze.

Poll time!

Poll #1068136 Wincon (Fuck Yeah!)

I am going to WinCon


If anyone wants my contact details, email or AIM at me. I'm going to LA on Thursday and leaving Monday morning. There will be geeky sight-seeing, oh yes. elrina753 and crediniaeth are my roomies. I plan on spending a massive quality of the time being drunk. I have fishnet stockings and four inch heels.

I have PLANS.

Also, I realized at work today that mentally I was TOTALLY on vacation. It was kinda awesome. Because my bosses didn't come in until the afternoon (as they were flying in from a family weekend vacation from the Midwest), I was able to get shit done. THAT IS VERY IMPORANT as The Bossman has given me an Insane Project to do that cannot be finished in two days time.

Do I give a fuck? No. In, let's say, 48 hours time, I will be on motherfuckin' vacation.

Man, I am crazy dizzy right now. This may be due to the fact that the last time I ate was at 12pm. And that I have only had bottled water since then. Dammit. I need Fresca but SOMEONE has stolen my last two bottles of Fresca. Bitches. Going to the supermarket with a starvation headache rules.

10 to 1 I'm going to buy Doritos and consume a bag over the course of 3 days as my dinner. Argh.

Also, the subject title is insane because it is HOT and I am dying so I just covering up the goods instead of pulling on my t-shirt. But I will have to do that, because um, I do not walk out of the house nekkid.
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