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Heroes: Kindred


- NIKI? ARGH. And they knocked off D.L. because...Niki's such an awesome character? *headdesk*

- Peter's storyline continues to suck and blow at the same time. How does he manage that? (You cannot say something about Peter/Nathan, because that is too obvious)

- I...do not like West. AT ALL.

-...maybe because he is FUCKING with my Noah Bennet. Bitch better not turn Claire against Bennet. NO WAI.

- NOAH BENNET CANNOT DIE. EVER. I...I REFUSE. You took away my Bennet/Invisible Man slash (and my Christopher Eccleston), you DO NOT FUCKING KILL BENNET. *shakes fist at the TV*

- Mohinder/Matt are so gay.

- Raise your hand if you thought "Michelle" was going to transform into Mohinder. (Sylar/Sylar is canon apparently and yet I am not rejoicing. Hmmm.)

- WTF is going on with Sylar? Why do I not really care?

- With Hiro's plot, I once again realize that anything you need to know about time travel is in the Back to the Future trilogy (notes to the FUTURE? How Doc is that?)

- This episode was kind of weak.
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