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wincon daze


I totally didn't sleep in my bed last night although I could have as I got home around midnight (a stop at a diner, YAY DINERS, waylaid the journey home as I got out JFK around 11pm). No, instead I passed out on the couch as me and my sister K (for new folks who I will be friending OMG, Sister K is my 20 year old sister, my younger sister goes by Johnny 'round these parts as that is what I actually call her), what was I saying? Oh yeah, so me and Sister K watched The Office and um, Heroes (which I need to post about HOLY FUCK), and then I passed out during Dexter as one does.

I can watch Dexter later though.

*kisses Showtime on Demand*

Will I do a Con report? Um, let me just say that winchestercon was fucking awesome and I learned many, um, interesting things, and did, ahem, some fun things. ALSO YOU KNOW MY PEOPLE, LET ME SHOW YOU THEIR BOOBS THEM.

I will at least do a poll on what I did during my LA vacation and you can pick what is true and what I am making up.

If you guess "annoy ignited a lot with drunken phone calls" you would be RIGHT.

Also, Iif you are surprised that I am posting this entry in nothing but a towel, then we really have to get to know each other better. And sure, I mean it in the biblical sense too.

Now I have wincest porn to beta for my Stefackles (I L U ignited but send me the fucking Professor!Dean porn NAO PLZ) and um, shit, there is totally Fresca in the house.


I am fucking pleased I do not have to go into work until Thursday.
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