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ben has two dads, I mean, uncles, totally uncles

You guys, I have over 6,000 words written for Ben Has Two Dads Uncles (that is TOTALLY the title, you cannot make me pick another title). And 1.6K of that is PORN. Utter porn. The rest is...oh GOD.

Snippet of my insanity:

“We’re going to Candy Mountain,” a deep, badly disguised voice says right in Sam’s freaking ear.

Well, shouts it and yes, that totally wakes Sam up from a deep sleep of nothingness, the best kind of not-dreams to have.

Bleary opens his eyes to the blurry world, a world that’s maybe a little blurrier than it used to be when he was younger, but his eyes are still fine and unlike Dean, he isn’t in denial about needing glasses. (Sam’s seen the cheap drug store reading glasses shoved in the back of Dean’s glove compartment, rolled up in a car magazine, as if that’ll stop Sam from ever noticing them.)

“Candy Mountain, Sam!” There’s a body on top of him, and thank god that Sam didn’t wake up with a morning erection, because the body’s smaller than Dean’s, so it’s –-


“C’mon get on move on lazyass, we’re off to find a leopleurodon.”

“A magical leopleurodon,” Ben chimes in, almost jumping on Sam, but thankfully rolls off of Sam, the better to muss up Sam’s bedhead.

“I...you know...” Sam struggles, wriggles out of bed, falling to the floor in an ungainly mess, hard thump to the ground. “You two are insane.”


UM! The porn makes up for the...UTTER fucking domestic happy LOVE that is that part?

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