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all your jensen r belong to us

So Jensen Ackles was interviewed by TV Guide (Spoiler Free, courtesy of jamesinboots who gakked it from missyjack).

A few points:

I'm probably the only person in fandom that finds Jensen's golf-loving ways a major turn-on. Um, I can excuse it by saying my dad has kind of gotten me into golf and he became a golfer when Tiger Woods came onto the scene, so um, GOD I'm a dork. Look, if I wasn't a pathetic athlete, I'd be golfing myself. Now you can all just shut up.

ALSO Jared golfing! WTF. That's like...well, read the interview, Jared lost all his balls. Hee.

Jensen uses "fly-kicking" when he describes that bar fight he and Jared were in and yeaaaaah.

Poor, poor Jensen Ackles, forever demoted to the "short one" - I'm so pleased it came up in this interview.

Finally, I do like how even-handed (but kinda snarky) Jensen is towards the CW and their mad promotional skills.

In conclusion, I would like to lick Jensen Ackles. I can say this now because it's really fucking early and I'm half out of it and I won't have to worry about how totally crazy that makes me sound. Mostly 'cause y'all know I wouldn't actually do that, right?

No, in my meet-cute with Mr. Ackles, I'll be asking him golf-related questions. Like, what is his handicap? (You can be an awesome athlete and still suck at golf, it's a game where one bad day on the course can royally fuck you up or you go out the next day and own those holes, making the dream shots, dare I say, the hole in one?) Preferred courses? Does he ever plan trips to go to the luxury golf resorts? Dream place to play (my dad's always wanted to go to Scotland, just to see the land where golf was born)?

These are Important Questions. To me.

Dudes, I have WATCHED golf on fucking TV. And read golf magazines. Yeah, I'm kinda goddamn special.
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