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SPN: Sin City

what Stef said (spoilers for SPN's Sin City obviously)

Yeah, my brain's a little wonky (PAINT FUMES = me texting ignited while trapped in the closet trapped in a scary empty room on the second floor of my office [WHICH IS EMPTY], beating my fists against an evil copier as I try to print off 625 double-sided sets of documents for the bosses).

Oh the paint flumes. I inhaled too much. I offered to hug one of my coworkers when he had finished something that Bossman wanted before I had to traipse over and ask him to do, so I just spazzily said "I could hug you" and then wandered off before my coworker could say something vaguely inappropriate.

I also texted ignited a rant about work, calling out my hate of another coworker.

PAINT FUMES = CRAZIER ME. Can you imagine?

Then I stayed late (second to last person out of the office) but before I left I turned a corner too sharp and got stain in my hair from the doorjamb. HOW FUN IS THAT?

Bad day of work however was remedied by the feedback that me and Stef have received for our crazy little tale of domestic daddies on the open road, Ben Has Two Dads Uncles. Seriously you guys, you don't know how much that kept me from smacking my face against my desk today.

Oh, wait, I did have one quick little thing to say about tonight's ep.

Dean's face when he was telling the demon about how he wasn't scared of Hell, man, oh man.

Y'all, he's so screwed.

In conclusion: I may be posting a little "from the brain of the CRAZY" supplement all about our Gay Daddy 'Verse (or 2 Daddy 'Verse as I call it in my head). Right now I have comments to answer and people to flail at.
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