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I'm not saying someone should write these J2 ideas, it's just that I don't have the time to do it

J2 plotbunnies that have ASSAULTED ME:

The One Where Jensen Ackles is the newly hired assistant coach of a baseball team and Jared Padalecki is the star pitcher. Y'all know the name would be A League of Their Own. Jared's the goofball, loudmouth, and openly bisexual pitcher, SHOCK AND SCANDAL, but still, he manages to be friendly with like everyone. Jensen became a coach after years of struggling with a career-ending accident (knee injury, YIS), and now he's a little thicker around the middle (JUB-JUB fic?) and he's working with the pitchers to really amp up the team to make it to the playoffs -- even though Jared's a STAR, his hotheaded spazztastic ways have led him to throw a little wild and the pressure gets to him. Jensen has to show him to play the game and not let the game be his daddy. Yes, there has to be a pitcher/catcher joke. YOU KNOW IT.

At some point Jensen would be wearing glasses. *cough* And Jared would show up a LOT wearing silly hats and crazy sunglasses to which Jensen will ask him if he stole the sunglasses from Elton John or somethin'.

And there would be buttsex, THE END.


Hole in One. Jensen and Jared playing golf. Somehow Jared Padalecki gets a hole in one, to which Jensen is so stunned, he doesn't just offer to buy a round, he plies Jared with alcohol and marvels at Jared's idiot savant ways. Sex ensues. Golf and sex.


ALSO? I may have found the car that Dean would totally get Ben for his 16th birthday. FUCK. There may be...um, more fic in the Two Dads Uncles 'Verse. *hangs head in shame*

Now I be off to do some research on how to restore a Certain Car.
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