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Oh dear me, I'm a slave to the Heathen Gods...

I'm almost at sensory overload from all the excellent drabbles at the 882 Ways to Appease the Heathen Gods.


And I've written another one.

100 Words Exact this time. PotC/American Gods Crossover.


A large grizzled man beckons him (no matter, it's already *calling* for him), one eye shines too bright in the moonlight.

Ragetti waits in the shadows and the man tosses the coin to him.

"They're getting a good feast from you and the others. Good plan, prayers from the damned."

Ragetti moves closer, his flesh fades, the man chuckles. "You know this coin?"

The stranger's smile is wide, a predator - a wolf. "Course I do, my boy."

"Who are you?"

The man points to Ragetti's wooden eye and then to his bright one, " Today's Wednesday, eh? Call me that."
Tags: crossover fic, drabble, fic, potc fic
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