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on halloween and other scary things

I hate that I'm doing absolutely nothing for Halloween. Like, knowing that some of mah bitches (the usual suspects) are going to be able to go to the NYC parade and I'm going to be, um, working. Right. Great.

I'm staring at a blank document where my fic for the spn_halloween story should be appearing but it isn't. Dammit.

It's really odd to write straight out gen after um, going all "Wincest yes, now and forever" and I think about...twenty people on my flist are fucking laughing their asses off now. Christ, in June/July of '06, I was all, "I'm gonna be a GEN writer" and stars in my eyes and...yeah.

It's hard to reconcile and at the same time, I should accept this about myself, when I say explicitly that I won't write something, I very much will. I think part of the reason I was all "wincest: not my thing" was because I wasn't very OMG SAMMY when I first saw S1, and I have a hard time writing a pairing if I'm not interested by both parts of the couple, you know? It's not fair for me to dick over another character just so that the character I'm really intrigued by gets laid.

I dunno, now it's odd to be thinking about writing a story where it's not only gen, there's het subtext, I guess. It's not explicit despite Dean taking up the mantle of "Get Sam Laid" -- which I love due to the inherent comedy of the horndog trying to get the prude laid. (And now I suddenly realize that my high school friends enacted a similar type of plan, not getting LAID mind you, getting me a prom date, but hey, I outdid all their efforts by asking out my high school crush to the prom -- he was a year older than me, so he was in college, AND he said yes. Also he wore glasses and had a real nice smile. Heh.)

I'm still listening to the soundtrack that onelittlesleep complied which ignited has posted here with deeply gorgeous graphics. And I need to download those graphics so I add them to my freakin' 2 Dads 'Verse folder. Oh God, I'm gone.

So, Halloween! I'm jealous of ignited's story, mine is absolute tosh at this point, and I'm like, argh. Totally zonked out man. BORED and zonked. It's not fair at all.

Blah, and how was your weekend?
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