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A Spooooky Fic Roundup: October Edition

Fucking hell, I wrote a lot more fic than I thought, even with winchestercon happening. So, to the fic!

Five People Dean Doesn't Mind Screwing
Post-All Hell Breaks Loose, NC-17
Pairings: Dean/Sam, Dean/Cassie, Dean/Self (Dean/Dean=OTP), Dean/Tara(Hollywood Babylon), Dean/Crossroads Demon
3,650 words.
Dean's always up for variety.
- Better summed up in a lovely bit of feedback as a porn character study. And really, that is totally my M.O. - use porn to examine how characters work.

Ballad of the BBQ Boys
Post-The Magnificient Seven
Sam/Dean, NC-17
1,175 words
Sam isn't pissed.
- Stef LAUGHS at me even though I wrote this for her, AT HER, as I told her I wanted to get out as much fic before S3 aired because I was terrified of getting writer's block. So because Stef likes food and sex, thus this fic was born where Sam, oh boy, does he get pissed.

quiet now
Dean/OFC, NC-17
He asks her if she's close, if she can stay quiet.
- Written for kashmir1 because she needed to be cheered up and honestly, Dean sexin' is at the top of the list of things to do when needing your spirit lifted. It's porn and domestic love and a sekrit backdoor look at the Story I Really Can't Write, the one where Dean knocks up someone during his 1 year deal and there is a BABY BORN and UGH. It's too much for me, man. But there is this porn. I totally posted this right before dashing off to WinCon, heh.

Bridge and Tunnel
Cowritten with ignited
Sam/Dean, NC-17
Post-The Kids Are Alright
It’s right up near the edge, bridge supports, dark shine of water lapping at them, at the rocks and right there, is where Dean pushes Sam, against the wrought iron railing and fence. Sam’s curiosity, Dean’s past, and a detour to New York City can only lead to one solution, which, thankfully, involves sex.
- arabella_hope had the idea for Dean and Sam continuing on the 5 States trip that Dean was supposed to have taken back when he met Gumby Girl (heh) and Stef showed me this fucking amazing story all about Dean and Sam in NYC and I was like, "I CAN ADD MOAR PLZ?" And Sam fucked Dean and it was goood.

Ben Has Two Dads Uncles
Cowritten with ignited
Sam/Dean, NC-17
11,000 words
Post-The Kids Are Alright, Futureverse
When Ben turns thirteen and learns that Dean Winchester is his father, he runs away to join his father (and uncle). A tale where boys are boys, Vikings are Vikings, unicorns go to Candy Mountains, Dean and Sam are in big gay love, and Ben becomes a Winchester.
- PEOPLE. This is fucking gay domestic porn, has some serious conversations, amazing graphics (Ben postcards to his Mom FTW), and WE ARE WRITING A SEQUEL. Oh yes. The Two Dads 'Verse shall continue and that is MY mininanowrimo challenge - 500 words a day of Dean & Sam & Ben. As I saw Stef today, she has seen some of my notes written today and one of them was a giant note: Dean loves roleplaying!!!. Be afraid. Or delighted. (I'll be both.)

Five Monsters Dean Can't Help Being (Inside I'm Bleeding)
Gen, AU, R
Dean’s tired of this weird shit.
- I totally forget to put this on my own lj after the spn_remix stories were revealed. It's pretty fucking appropriate for Halloween because um, it's me going: How dark can I make Dean if he has these "gifts" (I remixed the story by clex_monkie89: Five Powers Dean Doesn't Have) and man, my answer was: dark enough to make me remember when angst/dark was a way of fuckin' life. I took remix kinda to heart, bringing in some fucked up elements and man, you know, I thought it would be a bit more funny until I got to the 3rd power and um, yeah, it wound up dark. It's interesting that it was listed as Sam/Dean over at the remix comm, I guess because the second section and "power" has a bit of a slashy undertone? In my head it was gen, but ignited is the second voice in my head, so she may have made me subconsciously gay it up.

ghostings, fake zombies, and pranks, oh my
PG-13, Gen
Dean's heavily medicated, wounded, bearded, and gunning for revenge. Sam is just along for the ride, 'cause he's pretty sure he'll be in trouble if he lets his brother get arrested (or worse) because of a stupid prank. Man, he hates Halloween.
- Heh, my spn_halloween story. Considering I finished it today, I'm not quite sure what to think about it, other than yay, shiny gen fic with teen!Sam POV.
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