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SPN: Bedtime Stories

Or, In Which I Find My Fairy Godmother.

And it's a surprise, too! It's not who you think.

Yeah, I liked that episode very much and it was cool watching it with my sister Johnny (as she is 12, so it was funny watching her recongize which fairy tale was being enacted in gory detail).

I got the cute joke about the one piggy surviving because he wanted to build his house out of stone, but OH the things that bothered me in that scene. No one works construction if it's not the daytime (as it looked like they were building residential, no?). Also, the framing of a fucking house is almost always goddamn wood. (and they are so fucked because you cannot take lumber back if it's already been sent to the site and been sitting out there as long as it appeared to be) THE END.

But you know, those are my issues and let's focus on the AWESOME:

- Sam doing a doodle and actually showing it to the guy. OH SAM. You are NOT an artist.

- Dean apparently knows NO fairytales? Oh DEAN. It's okay because you referenced The Sixth Sense and your proud moment of knowing it's Will E. Coyote was cute. Because you are JOHN CRICHTON. *loves*

- Because I can never do things in order, let me say how CUTE Dean looked, all cuddly in his blankies and his two pillows fluffed up under his wittle head as Sam went off to be a bad ass motherfucker.

- SAM YOU ARE A BADASS MOTHERFUCKER. Also, you just totally killed a human being as the Crossroads Demon always seems to possess local girls, right?

- SANDY-As-Crossroads-Demon, you are adorable and WEE.

- Oh, there's always a bigger bad to deal with. And a demon really, really wants Dean huh? Interesting. (Meg? - Oh, I kid!)

- Ruby will have something coming to her? I'm actually interested in finding out what Ruby's deal is, I don't think she's good at all, but she's clearly got her own line of shady going on.

- Jared Padalecki's eyes took on the power of Teh Mary Sue with the fantastic ability to change color several times over the course of one scene. Pick a color, Jared, you're not a sparkly princess.


- "Be more gay." = a nice version of what guys/brothers say to each other. My dear uncles think I'm their innocent little niece (I can totally be reserved, yo!), and they (and my dad) have said crazy ass things in front of me. OH BOYS.

- But you know, despite Dean going Sam=princess, he's the one that says he'd be the one who'd have to kiss the toad. OH DEAN. You don't know your fairytales at all, 'cause the PRINCESS does that.

- I did like that they picked up on spirits hanging around comafied people, as it's now spn canon, what with In My Time of Dying.

- How nice it was of the woman to stop crying about her dead (boyfriend?) to tell them about the most beautiful girl she'd ever seen.

- I may have yelled, "Get a motherfucking axe!" when Dean went to save Little Red Riding Hood. Because he's the Woodsman who saves the girl, gettit?

- Jesus CHRIST, SAM.

In conclusion, SAM is my fairy godmother, because I like my fairy godmothers to get angry and shoot things INNA head when they can't take it any more.
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