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A Very Important Poll: Zombie!Ninja Death Match!

So my brilliant, clever, and oh-so-fucking-fantastic ignited has finally posted her goddamn "Dean Winchester, Film Professor Story" (or as I call it: Professor!Dean or Indiana Jones!Dean), it’s not the years, honey, it’s the mileage. NC-17, Sam/Dean of course, but it's the aaaaamazing story of the boys in NYC, futureverse, where they've grown up and still looooove each other and the sex is hot. Yeah, so you know, Stef loves ME the best.

But, due to a referenced event in the story, I have a poll for you:

Poll #1082966 Stef and Reg's Fic Project No #85697859

Should Stef and I write a fic where Sam and Dean battle against zombie!ninjas?

DUDE! Zombies+Ninjas = YES
WTF are you two ON? (...yes)
No. Dear lord. No.
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