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Yes, I did write more PotC drabbles, you can't stop me!


Last time I checked the count was 605. *Mind boggles*

Three more:

Follow the Money

A whore is spared - she spent the coin on jewelry.

The shopkeeper spent it for a carved washing stand with a shining basin.

That shopkeeper paid off a tavern debt.

The tavern owner took pity on a widow and her brood and she told him she'd pray for him. He'd never realize his salvation.

She bought bread and other foodstuffs and still she lost three young ones when disease wrecked the island.

The merchant kept it. He loved gold and if his health hadn't ended his days at sea, he'd have died a pirate.

Instead a pirate ends his life over an obsession for treasure.


The O.C./PotC Crossover, Or, Seth Meets a Pirate

"I'll be takin' that coin, mate."

Seth stares at the scowling pirate, in confusion. "Is it Halloween already? And why are you staring at my Pirates of the Caribbean one-of-a-kind replica cursed coin?"

Menacingly waving his sword, the pirate snarls, "That'd be mine, mate."

"Mate? Dude, who says 'mate' anymore? Fine, whatever," he tosses the coin away, waving his hand in a dismissal. "I'll thank you not to break anything on your way out."

Managing to look angry and puzzled, the pirate leaves, and just when Seth gets back to his comic book, Ryan enters his room.

"Um, Seth? Was that just a pirate?"

"A cursed pirate," he admonishes, nodding his head wisely.


Anatomy of a Corset

Her bodice is tight. Her breasts ride high and proud, powdered death-white like her face and neck.

The corset is a delight for men to see, an illusion. They grab and maul; she only smiles.

They look at the tight pressed line between her breasts and wonder what secrets lay there.

Lies do.

Her clever, lithe fingers empty their pockets and when she drops fine chains and jewels beneath the corset, their eyes feast on her flesh.

One coin calls beyond the illusion. Her bodice no longer bounds her flesh and her lifeless body is splayed across a street. Her broken fingers are bloody.

She doesn't keep her last stolen treasure.
Tags: crackfic, crossover fic, drabble, fic, potc fic
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