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the army does go a little gay

Ahahaha, I'm sorry, but this has to be mentioned and yeah, I'm probably adding to the spam, but this totally cracked me up:

From _sin_attract's con report":

...a soldier from Bagdhad came to say that SPN S1 and S2 is THE MOST requested DVD set for the soldiers over there. They got a letter from the General of the US Army and a coin from the Green Berets that are one of a kind and either given to soldiers or given from another Green Beret, and it's very rare that civilians get them. It's a huge honor and you could tell how touched both Jared and Jensen were.

Yes, that's awesome and sweet but um, due to all the stories that elrina753 has revealed about how the soldiers all "go a little gay" (this is what the soldiers told Tarina), heh, my mind took that to, well, my happy place.

Do you know that if a bunch of guys are bored in the barracks that they may very well do a "naked" day and take a bunch of naked pictures?

So, they're requesting DVDs of two dudes rocking the tough guy thing...with a lot of homoerotic subtext.

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