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in the face with rock salt, thanks

I just spent...a really long time adding all my BtVS stories to my master fic links post. Man, I wrote a lot fucking BtVS/AtS fic. And I don't hate like, 5 of them. Also, WOW I wrote a lot of Faith fic. More than I thought.

Next up: my Faith/Dean crossover stories need to be added (oh yes, they get their own category), Farscape, PotC, and The O.C.

The end is near.

...I may need to put up a RPS section. Damn you Jensen and Jared! (*reviews last AIM convo with ignited, makes shifty eyes at the crazy J2 plans.*)

Gotta work on my last push to finish my latest Sam/Dean story, oh yes, it's a coda to Red Sky at Morning. I'm really hoping it'll not suck. That would be great.

It's kinda nice to realize that I may have surpassed my wordcount for BtVS/AtS fics already in SPN. Because I have a monster (54K words) Wesley story that's always made BtVS/AtS the fandom that I've written the most for, yet in this past year alone, I know I easily passed that (thank you El Viaje for winding up being 32.5K all on your own).

Slowly but surely, I will have all this freakin' coding done.
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