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on holidays

Man, you know I really feel bad that some of you guys have already got your holiday card posts up and I'm just like "...I should do that!...*forgets*...*wanders off*"

Ugh. Could also be the whole thing where at my job I have to be the Holiday Czar, I'm in charge of all the things that are done around the office, such as: ordering holiday cards (for company and personal-my bosses-use), purchasing and arranging flowers, sending out gifts to clients, ordering gift bakets, coordinating their deliveries, oh, and I'm in charge of the holiday party. I've got...the cards figured out so far. Crap.

I still need to pester the boss-people to finalize the holiday card list. At least I'm "only" sending out about...400 cards total.


I don't even want to deal with the holiday party. Save for the fact that last year EVERYONE got shit-faced drunk which was hilarious, it's way too much pressure for me. I have to coordinate with whichever place my bosses pick, hammer out the little details, make gift bags for any of my coworkers' kids that are attending, get there early to make sure everything's set up properly (even though I kinda live way out of the way from all the places they pick), arrange little 2-piece godiva chocolates on everyone's tables, and oh, I better make sure I have enough place cards.

(...and I'm still fucking single so that means I get to sit next to my boss's mother. Awesome. Nothing like sitting next to a 70+ senior citizen you have nothing in common with.)

Whew. Sorry for the, uh, well, you see, I need holiday cards from people like alcohol. Sweet, sweet alcohol. Um, so tomorrow when I do my holiday post (and bother everyone until like, the end of the first week of December), please take care to sign up.

Please do me a major favor: if you've already made your holiday post: please let me know so I can fill it out.

Thank you.

It will keep me from having a work-related holiday bitchout.
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