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Hey, it's my last drabble and they're at 875 at this post...

Which means those Gods will be plenty happy.


And yes, I know that I'm freakin' crazy. I was born crazy.

Saturday Night Live Skit/PotC Crossover

"So this lass Mango musta been real fine on the eyes for you to give her half yer wealth, eh?"

"...Aye, yes...*she* be different from most... I can get this one meself..."

The beautiful, attractive, not at all vain, Mango strode out onstage, and seeing the near empty room, exclaimed, "What the frick is dis???!!!!"

"Arrr, Mango, it be..."

"Stinky pirate-man," Mango said, slapping his glittery gold pants square on the ass, "I said last time you cannot have of de Mango!"

(If the pirate weren’t so entranced by Mango, he would have noticed the swelling music.)

"Can you sail across a field of dreams? Can you paint the sky in glitter? NO! Such is Mango."

"Actually Mango...I do love ye, but those coins?"

"Ah! You take it all, for you cannot have of de Mango, smelly pirate!"

Edited to Add:

The Curse is lifted! Huzzah! What an incredible ride. So many fantastic drabbles written! So many crossovers! Man, but that was a brilliant challenge.
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