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I come bearing a rec. I'm still mulling over this story.

Set Out Running (But I Take My Time) by kita0610
Rating: R
Het & Wincest
Summary: If Sam gets home before daylight, he just might get some sleep tonight.

Kita's kind of a master craftsman when it comes to language. It's really more than that but it's the words that grab me first, the way she uses them is absoltely phenomenal, and I think I shall quote her opening line because, dear god, yes:

When Sam was very small, after the fire but before words, he would dream of his mother.

Yet it's not just her turn of phrase that kills me, it's how I get lost in her stories. (Her Angel story Equinox made me want to become a better writer and some day I may reach that lofty goal.)

There's incredible depth to this story, which I always love, as it forces me to slow down my reading, take it all in. There's so much being explored with relation to women in Sam's life, to Sam's experience with love, oh, oh, oh, let me quote you another line:

“It’s not love if it doesn’t hurt.”

Do yourself a favor and read this story.
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