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*kicks Best Buy*

I should be celebrating the fact that I got a free pair of cotton panties from Victoria's Secret (yay coupon) but instead I'm incredibly pissed off at myself for losing my iPod Shuffle.

Somehow from getting out of my car to walking across the parking lot to going into Best Buy to check out some cameras (I've been saving up for a camera), I lost my goddamn iPod. You see, I had it clipped to my shirt and my headphones around my neck, I had to get new headphones and all of a sudden I looked down and saw the cord swinging and my iPod was gone.

Mother. FUCKER.

So I searched for it and of course it's gone and the Best Buy guy helping me out was super-helpful (*eyeroll*) and yeah, I had to buy myself a new fucking iPod (I live on mine, need it at the very least for working out). And new headphones as my old ones were falling apart.

No way I'm getting a freakin' camera now. Awesome.

/End Rant


As posted this morning, if you want me to send you a holiday card, please either email your address to my yahoo email or drop a comment here and I'll be delighted to send you a card.

And if you have a holiday card post yourself, please let me know so I can do the same.
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