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baby got jub-jub

I am watching Project Runway right now and I am trying to fight the J2 plotbunny where Jensen and Jared are two models on Project Runway: Menswear and yeah...DIE PLOTBUNNY.

I don't care how much I want Jared and Jensen to have to do a motherfuckin' walk off or all the Zoolander jokes I'd put in or how Jensen would be the more experienced model who didn't become an actor because he had some ugly experiences (casting couch, *nods head*) and Jared just never had an acting break and people pay him to WALK, which amuses Jensen when he meets Jared because Jared trips on his way to walking over to Jensen to say hello.

Also they would have lots and lots of sex and the designers would be catty about Jensen's bowlegs (but he wears clothes so well!) and Jared's giantness and having to get extra fabric for him.

And there would be a scene where they're getting measured, ahem, for scientific purposes.

OH GOD, why won't this plotbunny die?

Also, today I reworked some of Sir Mix-A-Lot's Baby's Got Back to celebrate Jub-Jub only I fairly certain I would be thrown out of fandom.

Lord, forgive me for my sins on this day of days, Turkey Eve.

At least I made ignited laugh and broke vinylroad's brain.

Still: SHAME.
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