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towel thoughts

As I sit in naught but a towel (you know I may have to look over my 2007 posts and try to figure out how many times I made a post semi-naked), I feel ODD that I have two more days of not being at work. That is so weird for me.

Right. Current plans involve cleaning my bedroom, tossing out yet another bag of clothing, that is simply too big for me and I'm very much a "no looking back" sort of person, I REFUSE to let myself get to the point of needing to wear anything over a size 14. I'm right now in between 12 and 14 and oh, next year I will be a size 10 and it will be GLORIOUS. I am already wearing medium sized shirts so long as they aren't button downs (button-downs=the curse of the boobalicious, damn that button that fits across the chest) and I have done quite a bit of damage to my NY & Company credit card. Ah yeah, plenty of damage in the very best way.

I have even purchased some non-black clothing. I also organized my closet yestereday, next up are shoes and man, I need a flashlight to see shapes out of all the black down there.

By the way, if you secretly love stupid romantic comedies and you were raised on Disney movies, then Enchanted is really enjoyable movie. Also had the lovely moment of OMG IDINA MENZEL for me, doing grabby hands at the screen.

OH GOD the leftovers at my house are ridiculous. Because I haven't been eating "rich" food so much, it's absolutely killed me. I long for raw veggies, isn't that crazy? I need to pick some up because I cannot do more than 2 days of eating "bad" anymore. I need a salad. I never thought I'd NEED a salad in the way that I really do right now.

Also, I totally got drunk before cooking which was um, interesting. I had gotten a little bottle of Grey Goose vodka and picked up some lychees from Trader's Joes, canned ones, all the work done, and had, oh, about 4 lychee martinis and then I was called over to make the string beans. Cutting things when tipsy = awesome.

Why does everyone say I'm being loud when I'm kinda drunkish? Am I really that loud?

Anyway, with the Grey Goose sadly gone, my sister K topped off my drink with some Smirnoff and a good time was had by all. In this case, all equals me and that's all that matters.

My dog had just entered my bedroom, demanding to be adored. So I'm gonna go do that.

After, might be a good idea to get dressed and get cracking. Damn. I really need a bookshelf.
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