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Fic: he swallowed his pride and puckered his lips (SPN/TIH, Dean/Sam/Priestly, NC-17)

So everyone and their mom (hey guys, do your mom a favor and show her it if she hasn't seen it!) has already seen Jensen Ackles as Priestly in a Ten Inch Hero clip of awesomeness, the infamous tampon scene and UM, ignited demanded that someone write Dean/Sam/Priestly PORN and I RESPONDED to her plight.


Enjoy. And blame Jensen Ackles for being fucking AWESOME.

he swallowed his pride and puckered his lips
Author: Regala Electra
Fandom: Supernatural/Ten Inch Hero
Pairing: Dean/Sam/Priestly
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Explicit sexual content, language
Spoilers: SPN S3
Word Count: 1,315
Summary: “You’re gonna give me a fucking heart attack,” Dean says and he’s not sure if he’s saying it to Sam or Priestly. “Sammy, you gonna fuck him now or what?”
Author’s Notes: for ignited who demanded threesome porn. Title from The Width of a Circle by David Bowie, because me and Stef are MIND TWINS and suggested it to each other at the same time.
Feedback is appreciated.


The problem Dean never thought he'd have with fucking his doppelganger (and hey, don't freakin' get all weirded out that he's been thinking about it, in his line of work, it's bound to happen) is that he's kind concerned he's gonna ruin the guy's hair when he's guiding that warm mouth to his cock. Dude, it's a friggin' Mohawk. It's kinda awesome and he'd hate to ruin it.

Not the eyeliner and all that makeup though, he doesn't give a fuck about that. (Quick note that he stores for later: he’d look awesome in tattoos.)

Ah, and before Dean's mind totally gets blown, the guy, Priestly, ridiculous name perfect for a guy dressing several decades late into the punk rebellion, doing all he can to keep Dean distracted, licking Dean's cock, jesus, got a mouth for it, hell, Dean knows it, gotten comments on his own mouth, tongue before. No, no, no, before that he's gotta look and see what Sammy's doing and fuck yeah, he's shoved Priestly's kilt up, and makes this little moan, Sammy always made the best noises, sometimes all it takes to get Dean hard.

"Jesus, he's goin' commando, ain't he?" Can barely get it out last word swallowed and turns in a fuck yeah as Priestly sucks the head of Dean's cock, deliberate, and Dean totally fucks up Priestly's Mohawk, but jesus, can't help it. Not when Priestly’s got his tongue doing this little zagging zig underneath, all Dean’s efforts to keep from pumping in, fucking Priestly’s mouth without a care in the goddamn world.

Sees Sam getting down on his own knees, not gonna fuck Priestly 'til he gets a verbal okay, Sammy's just the right kind of nasty polite. Make you fucking scream for it, so long as you say yes first.

Ah Sammy, needs to have a taste, little bite, always gonna try that, hopes that Priestly’s the right kind of freak (oh, no way to fuckin’ pretend: dude sees a hotter version of himself—Dean—walk into the sub shop and there’s no freakin’ way he ain’t game for anything when he basically offers an all you can eat off his body). And yeah, Dean is always up for satisfying all of his appetites.

Priestly’s good at recovering, only stops sucking Dean’s cock to make an ungodly noise when Sam starts jerking off Priestly’s cock, which Dean still hasn’t seen, later, fucking hell, that’s what he’s gotta to do later. Gonna take a look at Priestly’s, taste come and maybe Sam’s spit all of it if he’s real lucky and Dean damn well better be, because dude, threesome, only thing better in this world is an orgy.

If Dean’s real quiet, which he ain’t ever, he can hear Sam unbuckling his jeans, sliding a free hand inside to start jerking himself off. Looks down at Sam and jesus, that almost does it, Sam staring at him, not at his face, no, much lower at that, sight of Priestly’s hand around Dean’s cock, mouth on Dean’s cock, then balls, licking all around, being a goddamn tease, because fuck, his doppelganger might not be Dean but he knows how to keep Dean on the fucking seesaw edge, oh, he’s gonna pay for that.

“Dean,” Sam says, low, barely can hear it, words coming past gritted teeth and then Sam twists his neck, flicking hair out of his eyes, saying, “He tastes just like you.”

Fuck no. Can’t ride it out, no way he wants to ride it out, thrusting forward, hips pistoning into a jerky rhythm, comes sputtering into Priestly’s mouth, too much, sees the mess running down Priestly’s chin.

Priestly, somehow managing to keep his fucking head with Sam’s hand still working his cock, wipes a little of it away with his thumb, nail painted black. “I taste like that?”

Sam reaches over Priestly’s back, catches Priestly’s mouth in a kiss that should be awkward, but isn’t, messy bitey kinda kiss that Sam’s too fucking good at and it’s all Dean can do to get down on his knees slowly, seeing his come all over Priestly’s and Sam’s faces now.

“God yes,” Sam groans, his hand going back, back, running fingers down the crack of Priestly’s ass.

“You’re gonna give me a fucking heart attack,” Dean says and he’s not sure if he’s saying it to Sam or Priestly. “Sammy, you gonna fuck him now or what?”

“Man, you’re bossy,” Priestly says, nodding his head when Sam repeats the question, only nicer, you want this? “Yeah, yeah I do.”

“And you’re fucking up your face—our face—by wearing makeup. I ain’t complaining.”

“Except for that,” Sam says, one finger almost in Priestly’s hole, thank god for emergency travel-sized lubes. Hey, they’re guys and they get horny, and there’s no fucking way either of them are stupid enough to fuck around with just spit and a prayer.

Fuck,” Priestly shouts, bucking up against Sam’s hand.

Dean can’t help it, gritting out, “That’s the point,” and before his fucking punked out double can mock him for pointing out the obvious, he’s sticking his tongue in Priestly’s mouth, tasting all of him and Priestly (sorta like him, only a little less of a punch, almost sweet, which is weird) and fucking awesome, Sammy, oh yeah, there’s Sam and it’s freakin’ perfect.

Good distraction, kissing, lets time slip on by, enough to get Priestly ready, Sam pushing in and oh, that noise, maybe it ain’t the first time Priestly’s had himself some cock, but it’s the first time he’s getting Sam, and hey, gotta celebrate that one with the kinda moan that would taint even the purest virgin, fuck yeah.

Bites along that stupid facial hair of Priestly’s, waits until he knows that Sam’s close, too close, trying to get Priestly come before Sam just lets loose, then he says, “You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna fucking wait until you’re passed out on your stomach and then I’m gonna eat out Sam’s come right out of your ass until you’re fucking hard all over again. You up for that?”

Priestly does try to answer, hell, totally gives it that college try, but it kind gets drowned out or mashed up maybe, losing the ability to form words is fucking excellent when Priestly’s spurting over Sam’s hand. Yeah, Dean’s gotta check on that, see if there’s really a different in the taste of come too, hey, Dean needs to know those kind of things, it’s good knowledge to have, experience, not that boring stuff outta books.

Speaking of nerdboys, doesn’t take much more for Sam to come, maybe Dean says a few more things, well, hey, can’t help himself, he knows Sam too well, how to get him off with just a few good promises, ones that Dean always delivers, and hey, they got time to test ‘em all out and there’s plenty of things they still gotta do.

But yeah, after Sam slips out, cock softening, even good enough that he slipped a condom on (Dean totally wasn’t paying attention to that), they all figure out where the hell to lay down, just catching a breath.

They’re only disheveled, still got a lot of clothing on, so there’s later, amen, there is a later, Dean’s gotta flip Priestly’s kilt back up and take care of his curiosity, taste him everywhere. Sam needs to be fucked out himself, even more, and hey, Dean’s gotta prove that he’s the best, hell, he wins hottest in the room, Priestly’s eyeliner is all smudged and Dean’s not rocking some fucked out hair (but then, Dean did fuck up Priestly’s hair).

But first, Dean has an important question. “Hey, we gonna get a discount at your sub shop from now on?”

Don’t matter the answer, the groan, because it damn well turns into a moan within a matter of seconds, now that Dean’s got his second wind.

Tags: crossover fic, dean/sam/priestly, fic, spn fic, ten inch hero fic, wincest
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