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Sorry, but "agog" is a really fun word. Just say it. "Agog." Much fun to be had and you won't shoot your eye out.

So, I'm not dead. Just been having major trouble with my computer, which is of course ironic. kumi is so generous to give me a gift of a paid livejournal and then my computer goes all wonky.

I must also thank her for the adorable e-card for Christmas! It was very cute.

Hugs to dawnydiesel for the Christmas card! The midget grows more and more adorable and I'm so humbled that you send the card! Thank you my sweets and I do hope you had a lovely Christmas.

[Looks around for Nar] I know nariya's off with her family for the big party, but I do want to thank her for her lovely card and the gorgeous rose pin, I wore it as a part of my Christmas ensemble when I went over my Grandmother's house for dinner.

Because I'm *incredibly* lazy, I haven't used my free time to you know, do stuff. Several fics glare at me in reproach and I must bother torchthisnow for help regarding an O.C. fic that she inspired and has partially written. She's just far too good at writing Seth and I need much help finishing the story.

But I did upload icons! Which is fun! I snagged two icons, Aragorn and Rogue, from the fantastic purple_smurf and made the Rogue icon my default. So, so pretty. *pets Rogue*

I can even add another icon! I really, really flove Kumiko. Just having so many icons to play with is so...*drools*...I'm a happy, happy fangirl.

Been watching my PotC DVD nonstop since I unwrapped it at Christmas. My favorite extra features on the second DVD are the "Diary of a Pirate" and the Blooper Reel, especially for:

1) Johnny Depp (a scene on one of the ships, suddenly looks up): "Is that a plane?"

2) Johnny Depp (while trying to say the courage and fortitude in the face of danger line to Cotton at the dock): "in the face of...[pause] I love you man, let's just face facts."
"in the face of...[screws up line] I hate this line, where the bloody writers? I'm gonna kill 'em."

3) Keira Knightley: "Could I get dressed or will it be bare breasts and ankles all the way?"

Although Jack Davenport's reaction to that flubbed line is the best part, besides Keira absolutely losing her shit as she cracks up. God, it's too funny.

Other things I did, which I'll talk about more later: Declared I'd never be a writer to my family at Christmas dinner, finally saw Return of the King, found interesting tidbits on the writers' commentary for PotC, and tried really hard to ignore Original!Fic ideas for The Novel I Cannot Start Working On.
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