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I think the ending of this post was unexpected too

I like it when unexpected things happen, but like, crazy amounts.

Such as:

-- Getting a silly high off of a Jamocha shake and finally getting to see the Ten Inch Hero clip on youtube after Stef TORMENTED me by emailing me during my workday, a place that monitors internet use and therefore, I can't check anything but my email. That lead to um, well, it lead to fic. Because ignited demanded that there be Dean/Sam/Priestly and I was HIGH ON SUGAR.

-- Which lead to he swallowed his pride and puckered his lips (SPN/TIH, Dean/Sam/Priestly, NC-17, 1,315 words) Snippet: Sees Sam getting down on his own knees, not gonna fuck Priestly 'til he gets a verbal okay, Sammy's just the right kind of nasty polite. Make you fucking scream for it, so long as you say yes first.

-- Accidentally getting a bank manager hot and flustered when I was doing Business-y things at my job. My coat had kind of shifted and my shirt underneath, well, as I told Stef, it was like I had Party Cleavage going on and not Work Cleavage. There is an important difference.

-- Explaining a weirdass sex kink to a friend. WHY CAN'T I PRETEND NOT TO KNOW SUCH THINGS.

-- Throwing caution to the wind and giving raelala the most ridiculous ringtone. I voice texted her a sound bite of me attempting to be Doakes (yes, as in Doakes from Dexter)), so it's me doing this: "...SURPRISE MOTHAFUCKA!"

Seriously, I am going to regret that one. There's a reason why I never did that voicepost meme. It's not that I dislike the sound of my voice (I mean, I do, but it's that), it's just that I hate recorded proof of my spazzitude.

But in things that have been expected in FOREVER, my Stefackles finally posted her delicious and awesome fic By the Curve of Your Hips (Jared/Jensen, NC-17).

Look at her way with words:

He’s staring at him, pointedly, before he laughs, like it’s all a joke. And it is, this—it is when Jensen’s mouth is aching, soreness in his posture. But fuck if it’s not sore the right way—no bare skin, no hands gripping thighs. Jared’s dressed, flannel shirt and rolled up sleeves. Jensen feels like he’s dying slowly and painfully, wrapped up in too many layers, canvas jacket, Henley, and undershirt.

It's Jub-Jub fic, yeah. But Stef always gets it right when it comes to men being MEN and frankly, I bleed with envy when she's rocking the dialogue. And man, in this story, she totally does.


You know, I am thinking about doing a voice post meme where I ask people to pick out porny bits from my fics and I'll say them and y'all can hear my porn voice. Because that would crack me up. Also funny? Me trying to speak in Dean's voice. Which I do when I'm drunk and trying to get Stef to laugh. (it is also how I BEGAN to understand the Wincest, so yeah, good times)
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