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"Why does my eyebrow do that?"

God, this PotC addiction is really, really bad. I rewatched the Jack Davenport/Keira Knightley commentary ("He's upstaging me! Again!" Keira talking about Johhny Depp) this morning. Oh my lovely DVD...how I love thee.

I had a dream last night that I went into St. Patrick's Cathedral. On my way, I bumped into Hugh Jackman and fell down. As I do tend to fall when colliding into people. So I spent the rest of the dream apologizing to him and telling him what a big fan I am of his work. Gaaah...I can't believe I was in total "fangirl" mode in a dream. Very odd.

I also have more dvds to watch. My grandparents gave me a seventy-five dollar gift card for Best Buy, so I picked up three Farscape sets:

2.5 - A Clockwork Nebari, Liars, Guns, and Money (all three parts), and Die Me Dichotomy (aka "The One Where I Cry For About Twenty Minutes Because That Damn Show Dances On My Broken Heart")

3.3 - Relativity, Incubator, Meltdown, and Scratch N' Sniff (woo! Drunk!John telling a tale and it being all crazy!)

3.4 Infinite Possibilities: Parts One and Two (where I Cry For Only Ten Minutes Because I Pretend That It'll Be Okay, Somehow), Revenging Angel, The Choice (*SOB*), and Fractures (Emotional Responses: *sob,* eww, cool, hee, ah ha!, awww, ow, *sob*, yay! and *uh oh*)

I already have the sets 2.1 and 2.3 and considering I have a lot of eps on tape, this is just to feed my fangirl insanity.

Mmmm...Farscape-y goodness.

I watched Revenging Angel today with my little sister as she loves the cartoon elements. And I'm always amused by John's "Letterman List" where he counts sex twice on the list. That Aeryn and love are the top reasons he lists only further my "awww..." mode. And knowing what comes next (heartbreak! angst! 'splosions!), it also hits my "mmmm...so, so painful" evil mode.

I've been trying to do some writing, I want to finish my Ryan/Seth by tomorrow night and I want to make my Evil O.C. challenge fic less sucky, as in its current form it sucks.

And the less said about my X-Men fic Go South in the Winter, the better. (Stabs fic through the heart.) I wrote several pages last night and I won't be able to salvage any of it for the final version because it suuuuucks.

So now? More Farscape. Beloved, shiny, lovely Farscape. How I can't wait for your miniseries. Hell yeah.
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