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dollar dollar bills y'all

ignited has been tormented with J2 fic where Jensen is partially blind and Jared is his seeing eye bitch and has to wear a collar and leash and Jensen gets to top for fucking once.

Dudes. You are lucky she tolerates me or I'd like write a 3K version of the craziness I threw at her.

And Stef would like you to know she didn't demand it. Indeed, I started that fire. EVIL RPS.

But I am NOT going to do anything with that because omg I have to write the second part of my witchy witches of the west series. And it's Rose and I love Rose tons. Rooooose.

Not Rose Tyler. My Rose. :-P I do have some final editing to do but this part looks pretty solid. Just needs a more structured beginning.

Also, um, sorry to make you read all my stupid blatherings, but *points* do you want a holiday card?

I think that I'm going to try to get the first batch out on Friday. Which means, yay alcohol! As I will be Bridget Jonesing it and shall be sending out slightly drunk!cards.

Don't worry, the addresses will be correct, I use labels. :-P
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