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dexter: wherein I continue to perv on Michael C. Hall and feel WEIRD about it

I kinda loved the use of the credits in the actual episode. Doesn't he shave against the grain in the show but shave properly, with the grain in the credits? Or am I taking CRAZY pills again?

OMG LILA's BATSHIT INSANE. And killed Doakes.

Oh man. Doakes. Made a monster in death. La Guerta broken and his sisters and mom all holding on to each other at his funeral, wow.

I can't even like, be all intensely SMRT or anything. No.

Because YOU KNOW the SEX SCENE WITH DARLA AND DEXTER? GUYS...was Dexter also lending her a helping hand while he was fucking her? WAS THERE "REALISTIC" SEX on mah TV? Don't tell me if it isn't true. I'm sure I'll notice it on the thousandth second rewatch.

Greetings from Miami.

I want to have sex with everyone on this show responsible for the colors and the lighting. The End.

Also, I totally wound up watching Freak Nation. *shakes head*

Dark Angel wasted more plotlines in favor of...I don't even know. What was it in favor of? Having Max and Logan break up for about 1000 times?

Even if I liked Jessica Alba (for the record, I don't, she's HUGELY racist about her Mexican heritage), I would still have so many problems with the character of Max.

But the ALEC show was awesome. That's what I'll cherish and um, rewatch, with my shiny new DVDs, ignoring the weird main menu with Max's legs lopped off at the top of her thighs. WTF is that? Also having the credits music play nonstop (the aaaah-huh-huuuuh-huuuuh) isn't annoying at all. Totally not.

I may have said to Stef that I would like to time-travel so that I could fondle a Dark Angel-era Jensen Ackles. Don't worry. Nothing below the belt.

Damn he was...yeah.

Once again I am cursing Jensen Ackles.

But it's a hell of lot easier, because lusting after Michael C. Hall playing a SERIAL KILLER is a lot more disturbing.*

* DAMN YOU JENSEN ACKLES! You were also kinda hot as Ben, the serial killer transgenic. DAMMIT.
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