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Jensen Ackles is corrupting our youth

Because I always encourage my sisters to stay abreast of cultural trends or watch the shows that I'm currently watching, me and Johnny are kicking back, watching S2 of Dark Angel.

We are one episode away from The Berrisford Agenda. Cannot wait to see her reaction.

ANYWAY, the point of the header is this:

When I was getting Johnny to my room by bribing her with candy, she left the living room, where she was watching Edward Scissorhands with our mom (don't worry, she's seen it tons of times). My mom protested and Johnny responded thusly:

"But Mom, Jensen Ackles takes off his shirt!"

*dies laughing*

Oh god. She's no longer a fangirl in training. I do believe she's earned her first stripe today.

And she just sang he wants her, he wants her at the first Max and Alec scene in this episode. Oh, man.
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