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I am killing time before making dinner. Stupid late dinner. My sister K will be home at 8:30pm (as she's working) so it is a laaaaate Christmas Eve dinner. Meh, I may just start doing the prep work early because I can only distract myself with like, TV and stuff, so many times.

And tomorrow? After we got to exchange gifts with my Aunt K & her family, then we are off for dinner at my Aunt S's house, with my dad's side of the family. I look forward to the UN!COMFORTABLE "good" times.

So Christmas Eve traditions...I shall be hooking up my laptop downstairs so I can play David Sedaris's Six to Eight Black Men...as spoken by David Sedaris obviously. And I make my paella, which is going to be interesting this year as I don't eat rice and like, I am cutting down on that. A lot of peas, yo. And delicious seafood. And chorizo. God bless chorizo.

And then we open one present on Christmas Eve, which is usually a set of pajamas. As my mother has no patience for me anymore, as I'm always asking just for black (black, and more black), I actually said I'd go out and get my own (and pretend to be surprised, heh). Only I um forget so I went out TODAY to get it. Oh the crowds. The crowds. Madness.

I can't even begin to say how amazing it is to be hunting for clothes and going, "oh no, that's too big, too big, dammit, is there a medium anywhere?" Meanwhile last year I was concerned the XL pajama bottoms my mom got me weren't going to fit. What a difference a year makes. Hopefully another year and I still will be hunting for the medium, y'know?

I am so keeping my gym membership. Treadmill love, y'all.


In LJ news, or in MY LJ news, my beloved ignited added moaaaaar pictures to my rotating header. Like AWESOME PICS. Like, not only A Very Supernatural Christmas but tons from S3 and OMG BOYS IN TUXES! Dean's THUMBS UP SEX APPROVAL! Sam's FACE when his nose gets itchy! HOMG!

regala_electra regala_electra regala_electra

Deck the halls with pics of hotass men being AWESOME.
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