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Fictacular, Fictacular: A 2007 Fic Retrospectacular

Dear lord, as I lie on Rae's bed with ignited, below people who are having rough sex on the floor above us, please look to my 2007 Fic Meme and see that this year was Good.

ALSO? Happy New Year's Eve.

Stories posted in 2007:

Doctor Who

Passing the Way (Song Sliced in Twain Remix)
- Gen, PG, Remix, S2 Doomsday


Five Names John Didn't Give to His Son (And One Name He Did)
- John/Aeryn, PG, drabble-y list!fic, post-Peacekeeper Wars

Harry Potter

A Wedding Announcement (Wizarding Wedding Whispers!)
- Remus/Tonks, PG, 770 words, Deathly Hallows


(now you don't)
- Gen (Claude fic), PG, 1,100 words, S1 Distractions


(this is not about Alice )
- Alice in Wonderland, PG, drabble


through the looking glass
- Gen, PG-13, 2,500 words, S2 In My Time of Dying

won't get fooled again
- Farscape crossover/episode rewrite, Wincest (Dean/Mary, Dean/Sam), PG-13, 1,100 words, S2 Born Under a Bad Sign

halo girls and dreamers
- Sam/OFC, NC-17, 2,500 words, Pre-Series

pop rocks and soda (pop)
- Gen, PG-13, 3,000 words, Pre-Series

- Gen (slight Sam/Jess), PG-13, 200 words (drabble), S2 In My Time of Dying

- Gen (Wincest undertone), PG-13, 890 words, S1

Darwinism, or How Gently the Crocodile Feasts
- Gen, PG, 200 words, S2 Tall Tales

the dog begging bone
- Gen, PG-13, 1,064 words, S2 In My Time of Dying

Twentieth Century Boy
- Gen, R, 2,515 words, Pre-Series

The Jean Genie
- Gen, PG-13, 2,180 words, S2 Nightshifter

Crib, Catch, Call
- Gen (John POV), PG, 2,800 words, S1 Shadows

wake up with the sunrise
- Dean/Carmen, Sam/Jess, PG-13, 1,737 words, S2, What Is and What Should Never Be

knocking boots (the birds and bees are at it again
- Sam/Dean, Dean/OFC, Sam/OFC, Sam/Dean/OFC, NC-17, 5,228 words, S2

a boy and his dildo
- Gen, R, 2,505 words, S2 Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things

magic fingers
- Sam/Dean, NC-17, 720 words, S2 Houses of the Holy

El Viaje Misterioso de los Hermanos Winchester
- Gen, R, 32,500 words, S2 Playthings

simmer down and kick it up
- Gen, PG, 4,760 words, S1 Hell House

The Lone Star Kimono: The Utterly True Tale of a Boy and His Kimono
- Gen (Wincest undertones), PG-13, 5,034 words, S2 All Hell Breaks Loose

the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker 1/3
- Dean/OFC, NC-17, 3,330 words, S2, All Hell Breaks Loose

whores in space
- Farscape crossover, Dean/girl!Sam, NC-17, 505 words AU

the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker 2/3
- Sam/OFC, NC-17, 4,200 words, S2, All Hell Breaks Loose

Catch a Falling Star
- Stardust (movie) crossover, Sam/Dean, Sam/Jess, 1,620 words, AU

- girl!Sam/Dean, NC-17, 400 words, S2 All Hell Breaks Loose

Supernatural, Double Feature (The Winchester Horror Show)
- cowritten with ignited
- Sam/Dean, Sam/Frank, Dean/Frank, Sam/Columbia, NC-17, 15,000 words, S2

gonna let loose
- Dean/OFC, NC-17, 252 words

- Sam/Dean, NC-17, 1,100 words, S2 Born Under a Bad Sign

the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker 3/3
- Sam/Dean/OFC, NC-17, 6,8000 words, S2 All Hell Breaks Loose

three maids in a tub (sequel to the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker
- Dean/OFC, Sam/OFC, Sam/Dean/OFC, OFC/OFC R, 1,215 words

next stop, dinner theater
- Sam/Dean, NC-17, 910 words, S2

bruise you (use you)
- Dean/OFC, NC-17, 1,750 words, S2

hook, line, and sinker
- Dean/OFC, NC-17, 7,060 words, S2 All Hell Breaks Loose

Five People Dean Doesn't Mind Screwing
- Dean/Sam, Dean/Cassie, Dean/Self, Dean/Tara, Dean/Crossroads Demon, 3,650 words, S2 All Hell Breaks Loose

Ballad of the BBQ Boys
- Sam/Dean, NC-17, 1,175 words, S3 The Magnificent Seven

quiet now
- Dean/oFC, NC-17, 295 words

Bridge and Tunnel
- cowritten with ignited
- Sam/Dean, NC-17, 3,110 words, S3 The Kids are Alright

Ben Has Two Dads Uncles
- cowritten with ignited
- Sam/Dean, NC-17, 11,000 words, S3 The Kids Are Alright

Five Monsters Dean Can't Help Being (Inside I'm Bleeding Remix)
- Gen, R, 3,876 words, AU

ghostings, fake zombies, and pranks, oh my
- Gen, PG-13, 5,070 words, Pre-Series

High Rollers
- Sam/Dean, NC-17, 4,042 words, S3 Red Sky at Morning

with apples
- Dean/OFC, NC-17, 1,970 words, Pre-Series

he swallowed his pride and puckered his lips
- Ten Inch Hero Crossover, Dean/Sam/Priestly, NC-17, 1,315 words, S3

pineapple upside down cake
- Sam/Dean, NC-17, 2,990 words, S3 Bad Day at Black Rock

witchy women of the west Maria, 1/3
- Dean/OFC, NC-17, 5,600 words, Pre-Series

witchy women of the west Rose, 2/3
- Dean/OFC, NC-17, 5,400 words, Pre-Series

witchy women of the west Garota, 3/3
- Dean/OFC, NC-17, 5,562 words, Pre-Series

the curves of your lips rewrite history
- Sam/Dean, R, 1,178 words, S3 A Very Supernatural Christmas

51 fics written 2007
46 SPN fics
5 non-SPN fics

My favorite story this year (of my own):

Supernatural, Double Feature (The Winchester Horror Show)

I had a blast writing this even when panicking over the deadline and cajoling Stef to get her ass over to my house so that I could bribe her with food in order to get this story completed. I knew from the instant reel_spn was opened that I wanted to claim RHPS and when it was still available, I snatched it. As I rejoiced in my victorious claiming, I was chatting with Stef on AIM one night and she said how SHE would like to grabby-hands the RHPS claim (she was thinking of doing the ficathon), and I had to um, reveal how I totally already had it. After she called me a bitch for taking it, I revealed we could totally COWRITE it and I’m so fucking glad we did. I honestly think if left in just my hands, it would not have been a successful story.

But we both love the source material SO DAMN much and you have no idea the kind of intensive studying and debating we did about X scene or that. I mean, writing lyrics/rewriting lyrics as sung dialogue is fucking hard. And I got to make Sam sing most of the girl parts, which is fuckin’ HYSTERICAL to me. I wanted Sam to clutch Dean to him while he sang the Riff-Raff’s part in Over at the Frankenstein Place, and I’m happy that it was like, really funny and not just STUPID as all hell.

And you know, PUT THE BOYS IN MAKEUP AND SEMI-DRAG. Um. Hello thar kink. I think getting feedback by RHPS fans made me the most happy. There’s a reason I sang Sweet Transvestite at WinCon: it was a little victory (song and) dance. I mean, Stef making aaaamazing graphics for the story as well, agreeing to my weird “let’s do THIS” demands, things that made me ever so happy and it’s a fun read, so um, it’s just my favorite. *glomps story*

I mean, we wrote lines like:
"We accidentally crossdressed this weekend."
(AHAHA, oh The Office, why do I love quoting you in SPN fics so damn much?)

And for reals, I love Stef for letting me write shit like: See mandroids fightin’ Dean ‘n Sammy.

I could go on forever about the love. But instead I’d rather glee over the fact that we somehow managed to complete it before the deadline.

My best story this year:

Ben Has Two Dads Uncles

Should I be so surprised that my favorite and my best stories are the ones I wrote with Stef? No, I should not because instead of writing in a void, I have a Stef, who can bring the awesome where I cannot.

You know, this started off very silly in conceit and a lot less lengthy (it’s 11,000 words of Sam and Dean raising a kid, I am still amazed by that), and I didn’t think it would become this EPIC tale. But then I realized I wanted to deal with a 13 year old Ben KNOWING that his father and his uncle were having a sexual relationship, which is incredibly out there and wrong, especially for a kid who’s been raised in a loving “normal” (for whatever that means) household, and how the hell does he bring that up to his father? Not easily and I was terrified that was what was going to kill that story for anyone who clicked the link, but instead I was proud that it added this real emotional weight that I wouldn’t have dared to write if I was writing it for others.

Yeah, if it was writing this for general readership, I wouldn’t have dared deal with Ben asking Dean to be upfront with him about Dean’s relationship with Sam. But I was honestly writing this for myself (and Stef because making her laugh makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something but I’m the one who has been like, Dean with children PUSHES MAH BUTTONS, moar plz).

I wanted to see what would happen if Ben had Winchester blood in him and I needed to write this story for myself. And I roped Stef in because I never shut up about things and was like, “plz to make this not suck” and look! It didn’t. The graphics are amazing and the fact that we wrote the postcards as just text at first and then we were like, “oh dude, POSTCARDS! Like...using real postcards!” pleases me a lot because without my cowriter, I wouldn’t have had the postcards and those graphics. Hell, all the graphics were just as important as the plain text of the story.

Normally I say that I like things fucked up and horrible but here I wanted the happy but honestly earned. I feel that I accomplished it. And it’s spawned the 2 Dads ‘Verse (in my head at least) where Ben grows up and Dean and Sam continue to grow old and love each other in their weird way. Bless.

One day I’ll break Ben’s heart and I’m delighted about how I’m gonna break it but good.

Story most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion:

Twentieth Century Boy

A failure that is totally my own fault as at the last moment, I jumped back from the ledge and didn't make this Wincest when it should have been. But it’s still a very hard look at the growing gap between Sam and Dean and how Dean for all that he’s trying to avoid what’s going on, knows that Sam’s going to leave, and his reaction to that is to get drunk and be a jerk.

Also, I love that because of their ages, Dean’s just about to turn the pivotal 21 in the year 2000 and Sam is going to be turning the pivotal 18 in 2001. These are landmark years for growing up and that kind of fascinated me that the millennium could have been a pivotal turning point for them. I thought I got it right but you know, it’s odd, a real odd fic. It’s a Gen story where the writer’s head was all “Wincest ARGH This needs to be Wincest!!” and that didn’t happen. The only thing that happened is that Dean slutted it up at a party and made out with men and women (so I could use a variant of the line “three beer queer”) and he realized that 2001 was going to suck after Sam took his drunk ass home.

Not a happy New Year’s Eve story at all, but I felt I got the emotions of the characters right and I was happy with the brotherly interactions, as well as writing Dean in various stages of drunkenness.

Most fun story:

The Jean Genie. I had fun with the writing style and the silliness of it, I mean, Sam becomes a genie (temporarily) because of some bad seafood. That’s ridiculous and cannot be defended, and Dean’s wishes are ridiculously simple and I end it in a pillow fight. So it was much fun. I think the humor holds up a lot more than The Lone Star Kimono which kind of falls apart at the end in an obvious “the author was trying to post this on time” kind of way (I rushed it too much and the stream-of-consciousness borders on incoherent).

Most sexy story:

I plead the fifth. I don’t actually know how to answer this question at all. I’ve written so much porn at this point that I’m not honestly sure if I can pick one of my favorites because there’s a reason why I’d write each sex scene and um, I don’t know? It’s hard for picking out the slash story, my kinks aren’t yours and even in the stories, something that someone might think sexy (Vicarious) isn’t sexy at ALL for me even though that one is fucking porn, son.

Het-wise, I think I can say the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker has some pretty intense sexual parts. It was my “sex trilogy” after all. Oh, and it does have the threesome that took forever because I had a panic attack about what was happening where at a certain point (as I’ve discussed elsewhere in great length).

Story with single sexiest moment:

No. I don’t have an answer. I’d rather hear what people who’ve read my fics think about this one.

Story with single sweetest moment:

Um. I can't believe, but I think it's my John story, Crib, Catch, Call. Wow! I think it’s sweeter than Ben Has Two Dads Uncles. You be the judge:


Dean steps up to the plate and it’s a shock to John that Sam’s the one pitching. Sam, who always complains about John’s drill sergeant instructions about how to master the perfect fastball, slider, curveball and whatever else can be thrown during a ball game, legal and illegal, he’s the one up on the mound. His boy doesn’t even look nervous – hell, he’s wearing classic Winchester arrogance like a uniform. It’s easy to forget that he’s wearing torn jeans and a shirt that’s two spins in a washing machine away from falling apart.

It’s not quick at all but it feels so much quicker to John as he watches Dean strike out. Doesn’t make much sense because Dean’s been training with Sam for years, he should know his little brother’s signature moves a lot better. Only time he gets the bat to connect with the ball is a foul and a nasty one at that, it rattles the chain link fence hard as the ball skitters away.

But when Dean goes to sit by that pretty girl, he’s got a smile hidden under the shadow of his baseball cap.

“I’ll be damned,” John mutters under his breath. Before he leaves, he takes a look as Sam departing the field after he successfully strikes out the next batter. His smile is nearly blinding the sunlight.


...yes. Dean strikes out and is happy to lose. Boys and Baseball OTP. I wrote that whole thing to get to Sam's smile, a stolen moment of joy that John unexpectedly comes across and can't quite believe. Um. So SMISHY.

Most unintentionally telling story:

I tell all my tells that people can’t tell I’m telling. “How obvious is it that I cribbed from my life to write the OFC Vic in hook, line, and sinker?” “Can you tell I like pairing Dean up with strong women?” “How much can you tell Dean is a top in my stories?” (ß CONTROVERSIAL? Whatever, I’ve been ruminating on this for a fucking year and yes, Dean takes it up the ass but he is goddamn pushy bottom at least.) “Is Sam the biggest dyke ever to be born a dude?” “How much am I lying about how much I don’t believe the things I am necessarily writing about?”

I hate telling by saying it in the story (which is why Sam can be hard for me to write, he doesn’t lie to himself/in his POV the way that Dean does). I love to obfuscate and play elaborate games of smoke and mirrors. But afterwards, I have no problem telling readers/friends/school children/nuns/zombies ad nauseam all the things that were going on in my head at the time I was writing the story.

"Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story:

Instincts. Not because it’s an AU where Sam was always a girl and is fucking her brother Dean post -All Hell Breaks Loose. Because it’s slightly noncon-y which is not a kink or interest of mine and it has Dean calling Sam Mommy. OH GOD. To quote a song, “That’s...just...WRONG!” I write it to freak out vinylroad and ignited. I don’t think they were that freaked out because they’re twisted, twisted individuals. *nods head wisely*

Fic that shifted my own perceptions of the characters:

knocking boots (the birds and the bees are at it again)

Till then I never wrote Wincest. And this is totally Wincest. Where they don’t touch, which was my rule.

Figuring out how to write a threesome without touching was important. And it had to be in Sam’s point of view. That was definite. It started off with 100 words of opening each section late one night and then I kind of didn’t write anything and I was mulling it over one day at work and just BAM the story opened up and I realized exactly what I wanted to do.

I even harassed a non-Wincester into beta-work, which was impressive. But once the story clicked, it was just like a little switch in my brain. This is how to write Wincest. It’s not easy, it’s complicated and holy shit, there’s a lot to mine here, emotionally, that I thought had been “done” before, but it hasn’t, because I have to make it even more complicated.

Hardcore porn where they don’t touch. Huh. It’s het/slash because I never have a problem mixing boys parts and girl parts in whatever permutation the story calls for and I learned so much about Sam and Dean writing this. I loved writing the idea of Dean being the one who imparted all these sexual lessons on Sam and the way he went about it was wrong and Sam knows this, that it kind of fucked him up but he was already a little sick in the head for wanting it and oh, oh, oh man. It just added a metafucktron of depth and layers, which I revel in, nay, swim in, until my fingers get all pruny.

Biggest disappointment:

ghosting, fake zombies, and pranks, oh my or Five Monsters Dean Can't Help Being (Inside I'm Bleeding Remix)

The first one because I cheated to get the story done and it's lacking in a lot of the details I wanted to cover. It's good and it works, but it's not what it should be. Stef makes a face at me when I bring up this story because it really is...lacking.

The second story is a disappointment because I maybe went a little too far into the remixing mindset and really just remixed the fuck out of the original and did a disservice to the original writer’s vision. It became a much darker, disturbing story, with a lot of violence mixed into it, hell the title has monster in it for a reason. Dehumanizing Dean in five easy steps. I wanted to "make it fucked up" as per my first notes when drafting the story and I think I took the horror too far, it doesn't have a completed feel to it, I guess.

Biggest surprise:

Even at the cost of cutting witchy women of the west in half, of removing a lot of the thematic inspiration, the concluding part that went a LAME full circle that I now cringe at, and rewriting the fuck out of the story (all parts were under 3K before editing and ended up over 5K once completed), I somehow managed to finish the goddamn story. It only took a year and two months. What. The. Fuck. It should not have taken so long to write that story. But then, looking at all the stories I wrote in 2007 and now it makes sense. I got distracted. Damn Supernatural. At least I got a 16K trilogy out of the suffering.

Hardest story to write:

El Viaje Misterioso de los Hermanos Winchester. Hands down.

By the way, are people put off by the title thinking that the story will be told in Spanish? It’s a Simpsons reference; one of my favorite episodes, El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer.

Maybe I should have worked in in your face, space coyote somewhere but I am SAVING that line.

The only thing that saved me was my decision to write it out of sequence (no, really). And by deciding that my gen fic would have to be written as if it were a special two hour episode of SPN (if it was shown on Showtime or F/X), which meant I couldn't overdose on the Boys. Like the show itself, I needed guest characters, who I then murdered horribly (some survived!).

That was the easy part. Making it into a finished story was a whole 'nother kettle of fish. I don't even want to track all the hours spent writing this. Or the random locations.

No, I think I will put down some of the places I wrote the story. Written: at work, at home, on a train, in a boat, on a swing, in my car (by hand and using my laptop). Edited everywhere. Cafes, restaurants, and waiting in line at the post office. Written when picking up supplies for my office's St. Patrick's Day party. Written when hanging UP decorations for my office's party (as I had my laptop there to play eps/music while I worked). Late hours. Early hours. No hours.

I am not even sure if the plot's as good as it could have been. I guess it is. I mean, that's what it was going to be.

But it was a lot of work and I appreciate the time I put into it. I definitely think I want to do Big Bang again this year if they open it (Stef and I have a...story that will be 20K if we restrain ourselves), because the deadlines forced me to focus more on story structure and plotting in way I normally avoid like the plague. The research and reinvention of the mermaid plot from “SPN and Beowulf” to “SPN and an Evil Goddamn Mermiad out of Cuban Lore” was an interesting process that lead to handy information that I’ve used elsewhere. Yes, there’s a deus ex machina ending but that’s so fitting for SPN, which is why it had to end that way.

Yes, it was torture. Which is why I secretly slip in a reference to “hunting that evil goddamn mermaid” in stories that have a bit of a casefile going on because I like expanding on El Viaje as a sort of in-between story that happened right after Playthings in S2.

Easiest story to write:

Ballad of the BBQ Boys

I told Stef I was terrified that I wouldn’t be able to write fic once S3 aired. Um. Heh. Written in like, an hour, and posted the night of the S3 premiere. Word vomit never looked so sexy.

This year's theme and the story that demonstrates it most:

Here is my very Deep and Thoughtful Theme: I like the Winchester boys and hope they have good sex, even if they’re so fucked up that nothing’s going to come easy for them.

knocking boots (the birds and the bees are at it again) is the signature story piece. I can have my het and Wincest and cake too.

Also, I can have pie.

It’s all my porn theory in one smutty package. Yes, I don’t always write about porn, I do love a good gen story and I love writing details, I remember elrina753 saying that my style had a lot of whimsy, as I tend to go off into descriptions and adding these weird little touches. It’s Supernatural that really hit that for me in a way that other fandoms haven’t quite, not in the same way at least. Once I got bit by the SPN bug, there was no looking back, it just took a while for me to get into the writing groove. And it took getting me drunk to write Wincest. Whatever! Look at all the fic up there!

Jesus. I wrote a fucking LOT.
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