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project runway

I have no fucking idea why Victorya's dreadful dress was declared the winner.

Seriously, the judges have no idea how girls dress at a NY/NJ prom (Kevin so had it pegged and I BEHAVED at my prom because I was an IDIOT. Stupid).

Man, if that girl actually wore that dress to her prom, everyone would be going, "What's her problem?"

If they saw that hot mess with the bubble skirt hem and the cheap ass looking ginormous jewels and the smashed bodice the reaction would be FUGLAY.

Not: OMG you look so age-appropriate and cute, tee hee!

Dressing older for proms? Always happens and I wante to smack the judges for complaining about that.

I will love Sweet P forever for telling the Catholic school girls that she is their future. Because it's kind of true. Ahahahaha.

Christian's "client" struck way too close to home. Oh my god. The clients we have at work? So like that. "Oh, I know EVERYTHING TOO (even though you're trained and do this for a living and I have money and haven't wored a real job EVER), let me show you how I want it completed, what do you mean that's not possible? I want TACKY to look CLASSY. Can you do this impossible and illegal thing NOW?"

Victorya won?

The hell?
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